A little more than two weeks from now, cycling’s single day gladiators will duke it out on the famed course of the Paris-Roubaix. To celebrate, Donnelly is introducing a brand new tire. Calling it the perfect option for the Spring Classics, the CDG continues the naming trend with a tire named after Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport. We first saw these tires back at Interbike, but now they’re available for sale, just in time for the spring thaw.

Donnelly heads into Spring Classics with new CDG mixed condition tire

Offered only in a 700c x 30mm width, the CDG takes cues from the Strada USH with aggressive side tread mated with an all new center section with tightly spaced pyramids and voids for grip on varied surfaces while still remaining fast on the pavement. The result is a tire that is said to excel in mixed conditions from rain, to snow and slush, mud over cobbles, or just about anything else the Classics (or your own spring training) can throw at you.

Donnelly heads into Spring Classics with new CDG mixed condition tire

For the clincher, the 700c x 30mm tire will be tubeless ready and has a claimed weight of 420g, and will sell for $70. The clincher is available now, but there will also be a 700c x 30mm tubular option slated for late spring which will sell for $129. For those interested in the clincher version, if you order two tires from ProNetCycling.com, you’ll also get a free copy of Nick Legan’s book, Gravel Cycling which is an excellent source of inspiration to test our your new treads.



  1. I’ve been looking for more durable, cheaper alternatives to the Schwalbe S-One/G-One Speed. This seems like it would fit the bill, but at the same price and nearly 100g heavier, not sure it hits the mark, except perhaps in durability.

    • Look into the Panaracer Gravel King Slicks. 28, 32, and now 38 mm.
      38 mm is only 340 grams. Tubeless, file tread, wont wear down as fast.

      I have a set of Strada USH 32 mm. Nice tires, roll nice – but extremely heavy for the size. (34 mm on Stan’s Grail rims but nearly 500 grams)

      • I didn’t realize the 700c slick came in a 32 . I’ve heard those seal up well tubeless, but can they go up to road-ish pressures (~70+ PSI) tubeless?

        Strada USH was also on my radar, but list weight is more like ~380 grams. Where did you get the 500 figure from?

        FWIW, the Spesh Roubaix 30/32 is another option.

  2. If my road bike was a little more modern this would be ideal for my increasingly adventurous training rides. Who knows though, maybe on a set of old Mavics they would clear. My 25c Conti race tires on HED Ardennes+ measure at 28mm and I probably have an extra 2mm to spare.

    Seems on the narrow side for a proper gravel setup however. Though Donnelly does have a tire for that already.

  3. Been running “Donnely” Strada USH tires for the past 2 years. Great grip, smooth, and sealed very easily.Not super cheap, but not Schwalbe-ONE territory for price.

  4. These guys should stick to tires like these and markets that don’t care about how fast they go. The Tufo made tubulars are slow, ride like an old garden hose and are way over priced for the quality of tire that it is. Their best “racing” tire is really not much faster than a gatorskin, which is laughable. Why would you by these when you can get a better offering, probably for cheaper elsewhere?

    • Interesting take. If Clement/Donnelly tires are so slow why would the hordes at CX and gravel races be flooded with their tires, and win on them, pro and amateur alike. You’d think people would catch on to something that performs “like an old garden hose”. Why would you complain and whine like this and offer no alternatives to what works for you? Lame.

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