In this week’s episode, we realize that we’re throwing out a lot of really good content to keep it at a watchable length. Which makes us think we should leave the uncut audio as a podcast…which sounds like work. You know what else sounds like work? Well, you’ll just have to watch a few of the random excerpts and see…

As usual, we quickly recap some of the week’s best tech, and discuss Watts’ 3rd place finish at the Croatan 150, old school suspension designs, and the Sock Puppets pay another visit to tell you how to win a fresh pair of DeFeet socks…and we have a LOT to give away this week!

Mentioned in this episode:

Thanks for watching! Got an idea for a segment? Leave a comment! We’ve got some big things in store for this series, but want to hear what you think!


  1. I enjoyed this weeks yard sale. Great job on the Croatan 150! Third place is a great finish. Love the new spy shots on the ibis as well. Is it just me, or does the audio always sound like I’m sitting in a gymnasium instead of on the couch with you?

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