As the official sponsor of the 2016 and 2017 IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Florida-based Ventum continues to dig deeper into the triathlon scene with their latest bike, the Ventum Z. Built using the brand’s patented frame design which forgoes a downtube and seatstays, the Z-shaped frame was wind tunnel tuned for maximum aerodynamics.

Ventum's new Z model bike slots in below their flagship Ventum One bike.

Available as a frame or complete bike, the new Ventum Z was designed to offer riders a platform with uncompromising performance without sacrificing the ability to customize the bike to individual needs. The most noticeable feature of the Ventum Z is the integrated hydration tank built into the toptube. With a capacity of 1.4 liters, the Ventum Z was designed for long-course events and big training days.

Ventum's new Z model bike slots in below their flagship Ventum One bike.

Positioned just below the brand’s flagship bike, the Ventum One (which can run up to $32,500!!), the MSRP for a Z frame starts at a respectable $2,850. A complete bike with mechanical Shimano drivetrain begins at $3,500, and an Ultegra Di2 build costs $5,500. That’s considerably less than the entry-level Ventum One model which starts at $6,875.

Ventum's new Z model bike slots in below their flagship Ventum One bike.

The most distinguishing difference between the One and Z models is perhaps the fork. Whereas the One has an elegantly sleek integrated front brake caliper, the Z uses a more traditional stopper. The build spec on the Ventum Z also keeps the price more approachable.

Sold in five sizes, the hydration tank is offered in eight colors for extra personalization. Bikes are available for purchase with either training wheels or deep section carbon race-day wheels. All Ventum Z bikes are built with 3T Vola aero bars and ship direct to consumers via Ventum’s White Glove delivery service to ensure the bikes not only arrive safely but tuned and ready for the road.

The new Ventum Z was created to offer triathletes the superbike experience without the superbike price tag. For more details visit the Ventum website.


  1. You can buy a Canyon speedmax with an integrated front end and full 105 group for $300 less than the frameset alone. You’ll do exactly the same in your age group triathlon and you don’t have to worry about a USAC official not letting you start a TT because your bike is non compliant. Also the canyon doesn’t look as ugly as humanly possible.

  2. This is just a Lotus 110. Boardman rode one. I find the Lotus more aesthetically pleasing despite the similarities. If this is as fast as they claim, it’s funny how they had it right 25 years ago.

  3. How is it patented if at least two other companies have frames that look like it? Lotus, Cheetah and Corona all made frames that look nearly identical except they were from the 90’s and 2000’s.

    • Because the way patent laws work, it could be the integrated bottle that is the differentiator. Could be half a dozen things.

  4. Looks like a decent commuter bike with the integrated water bottle and aerodynamics. Should help me keep my speed up but without breaking a sweat in my dress clothes. Anyone know which fenders and pannier will fit?

  5. Nice to see a brand using carbon to leave the box of convention. Unfortunately it won’t come with earplugs to ignore the haters.

  6. The version for $4,200 mechanical version with 65cm wheels seems like a pretty good deal to me. I’m not a triathlete, so I’m not getting one, but I think they look amazing. Maybe I need one as a commuter. 😉

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