Cane Creek may have just done the unthinkable. Their recently announced HELM-O LT fork claims to offer that bottomless feeling with just 76mm of travel. The secret has been under their seat this entire time…

The perfect suspension fork?

Cane Creek HELM-O LT Fork

Cane Creek’s all-new HELM-O LT fork borrows the elastomer system found in their Thudbuster LT suspension seatpost. The elastomers themselves come in 3 interchangeable resistance levels and offer riders the ability to fine-tune their bike’s ride quality. The fork is spaced to fit 29×4″ tires. So even those running rigid fatties can get more cushion on the front end. Cane Creek’s design engineer Jeff LaForge was happy with how simple it was to create stating, “We just took two Thudbuster LT’s, flipped them over and then, bam, you’ve got a fork.” That’s what we call efficiency at its finest. Stay tuned for availability on the HELM-O LT on their website.




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