Apparently Danny MacAskill’s favorite product from gear sponsor Endura is their simple unpadded Hummvee Lite gloves. No arguments from us. A thin, light trail bike glove is hard to beat for bar feel & protection. Endura wants to make a Danny Mac signature Hummvee Lite, and they’re looking for design ideas. Submit your design, and if you get selected Danny will be rocking your artwork, you’ll get some gloves, plus a gear prize too.

Design a Danny MacAskill signature glove contest

Twenty-one designs will get shortlisted by Endura, with each winning some schwag. Then the final design will be picked by Danny himself in early July. The winner gets their design on their own Hummvee Lite gloves, it’ll then become the official Danny MacAskill Signature edition & be worm by the trials-ing legend, plus Endura will award the designer a MT500 jacket, team tee & cap/beanie package beyond the bragging rights.

To enter, download the template above, print it out and break out the crayons (or Illustrator if that’s your persuasion). You’ve got about a month and a half to put together a design and email it to Endura for consideration. They want to see something colorful or maybe even inspired by MacAskill’s crazy riding.

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