Did you miss your chance to buy one of the last pairs of Obermayer Gold ED Lightweight wheels? Well, they’re back – but this time with an all new design that has apparently been crowd sourced. According to the facebook post, the winning design for the Obermayer Gold ED Meilenstein wheels came from Wolfgang Pade out of a pool of almost 100 designs.

Lightweight unveils new Obermayer Gold Limited Edition Meilenstein wheels
G for Gold?

Lightweight unveils new Obermayer Gold Limited Edition Meilenstein wheels

Like the previous Obermayer Gold ED wheels, this design is limited to just 99 pairs. Other than that, details are still pretty limited at the moment. But if you want a pair, and can afford the “if you have to ask” price tag, get in touch with your local Lighweight dealer soon as the last version didn’t last long.

Lightweight unveils new Obermayer Gold Limited Edition Meilenstein wheels



  1. Here’s an idea, instead of making gold limited edition wheels, focus on making your aerodynamics from this century

      • The reason is the higher weight. For their weight the wheels are incredibly light and stiff, but with wider, rounder rims, comes a higher weight and the advantage is gone.

        And Tour mag. tested the Disc version to be as aero as e.g. Vision Metron 40 SL. They are not thaaat bad. 😉

        • Just throwing it out there, but their spoke/rim interface may be to blame for most of the unchanged design on this model. Blending the end of the spoke into plies on a complex contoured surface is much harder to accomplish while hiding the joint. I believe at this point their joint is flat as the spoke crosses under the rim, so it’s nearly flat/parallel with the rim surface. It’s much harder to do that and keep the weight low, when the joint would tend toward a concave profile. Maybe they’ll use what they learned from making Fernweg/Autobahn and apply it to lower section rims.

  2. These look cool but agree with comrad I remember when lightweights were the pinnacle of wheels. Nowadays these thin wheels just seem so outdated for all uses outside of the velodrome.

  3. No one is going to race a $6,000 pair of wheels (except pros that get it for free). This is obviously for coffee shop rides where you show off your bling bike without getting too much dust and dirt on it.

  4. well they certainly are flogging that horse to death, next will semi satin black stickers instead of the usual satin black all for a paltry 1g extra

  5. These are still best performace wheels in the market, not the most aero, but aero is a gimmick, not the lightest but almost, not the stiffest, but almost. If you combine everything though, these wheels pee on the face of any zipp, roval, or you name it wheels.

    • “Aero is a gimmick” hahaha. But weight and stiffness, those really really matter, right? Of the three, weight has to be the biggest “gimmick”, as in it matters the least. However, it’s the easiest to notice. Just pick up your bike. It’s the most tangible, so for the longest time it was the most focused-on. For most people, most of the time, aero matters most when trying to get from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time.

    • That “gimmick” accounts for about ¾ or so of the force we have to overcome to propel our bikes forward. Wheels may not account for the bulk of aero drag, but the fraction for which they do account isn’t insignificant.

      • wheels aero advantage, from a zipp profile to this profile, it’s 2% of the total aero force. 90% is the cyclist body. So yes, quite a gimmick, speacialy for the rich dentist riding under 30Km/hours. A proper gimmick.

  6. Just bought a set…
    I have many wheel sets from Enve, Campagnolo, schmolke, AX lightness, and Lightweight and for me the Obermayers trump all. The AX are the lightest and wonderful, the Campy Bora Ultra 2 are spectacular, but in the end I want to ride the Obermayers..to hell with aero, these just feel so good on climbs and descents…

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