It’s safe to say that 2017 did not end the way Caroline Buchanan would have wanted. But not because of how she performed on the bike, rather it was a near fatal off-road buggy accident that left her fighting for her life. After the vehicle rolled, it left her with a pneumothorax (dual punctured and collapsed lungs), bleeding around the heart, and a broken sternum and nose. Needless to say, Caroline had a long road to recovery ahead of her.

Thankfully, the olympian, and 3x BMX and 5x MTB world champ is one tough Aussie, and was already thinking about her comeback before she even got out of the hospital. Based on the video Caroline just released, it looks like she is rapidly progressing and pushing hard to get back on the bike. We’re glad to see you on the mend, Caroline!

Read the full story from Caroline’s point of view, here.


  1. Great underdog story and person to root for. You can tell times are pretty tough since they can’t afford lighting in the gym.

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