This is one of those products that you don’t know you need – unless you’ve already played with the Rohloff A12 thru axle hub. Technically, the hub is designed to fit into thru axle frames, though technically it’s not a thru axle hub as it bolts in place with short fixing bolts on both sides. Normally, the frame used has to have specific width dropouts in order to be used, and even then, you still have to use adapters for the fixing bolts in the dropouts. As a Rohloff expert, Cycle Monkey thought there had to be a better way. So they got in touch with Paragon machine works to make it happen.

Cycle Monkey x Paragon Machine Works team up for Rohloff A12 thru axle dropouts

Shown above in the stock set up, the new Paragon Machine Works dropout plates are designed to eliminate the need for the blue or red adapters.

Cycle Monkey x Paragon Machine Works team up for Rohloff A12 thru axle dropouts

Instead, the hub simply slides into the dropouts and is secured with the fixing bolt which goes right into the hub. The dropouts are already the proper thickness so there’s no need to measure, and they also have the IS brake tabs integrated into the plate. Cycle Monkey wanted to build in more versatility, so their mounts can accept down to a 160mm rotor instead of the 180mm rotor required by other dropout plates. You’ll also find compatibility for Cycle Monkey’s Monkey Bone and Rohloff OEM2 axle plate to make fitting the hub easier than ever.

The dropout plates are available in black or silver, and are in stock now at Paragon Machine works for $13/$23 for silver and $15/$25 for black – sold individually in left or right.


  1. Note these are for PMW sliding dropouts. Got my latest frame with them, and seeing things like this just makes me happier with my decision.

  2. I may have a long wait put i’m waiting on a true T/A Rohloff hub.
    I love my Rohloff hub’s (have had 3 over 10 years of mountain biking) not going with adapters!
    Come on Rohloff it’s time for a update, I’m missing my old gear hubs

    • A Rohloff will not be Thruaxle compatible in the next years (or ever). They would need to change the complete build, and the whole internals, have a look on cutthrues, there is no space.

  3. Oh how I want a Rohloff.
    12×142 TA on a Specialized Sequoia, but I pull a Bob trailer using a conversion through axle.
    Is there a way to hook up a Bob on a Rohloff?

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