Whether you’re talking triathlon or gravel, top tube mounted bags are starting to get a lot more popular. Tri bikes have used them for years, but now we’re starting to see a lot more bikes with the direct mount provisions on the top tube which has led to the creation of new bags. While many of these bags have been a compromise of bolt-on or strap-on, the Silca Speed Capsule TT is direct mount only for the best fit possible.

Silca bolts on new Speed Capsule TT top tube bag

In order to ensure that fit, the mounting holes are oversized which gives you 10mm of fore/aft adjustment.

Silca bolts on new Speed Capsule TT top tube bag

Purposely built with some structure so the bag doesn’t collapse when you’re trying to access the contents, there is a PE board along the bottom and the body is made from 200D nylon with 3M reflective panels. A weather resistant locking zipper ensures the contents stay put, and the whole bag measures 29cm long x 9cm high x 5.7cm wide.

Silca bolts on new Speed Capsule TT top tube bag

Available now, the bag sells for $34 and includes stainless steel mounting bolts.




  1. That price must surely be wrong – it seems way too reasonable for Silca! If it’s true I’m definitely in. 🙂

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