We’ve mostly moved our e-Bike coverage over to e-Bikerumor.com, but we’re still sharing the biggest news here in summary form now and then. And Harley Davidson moving into electric motorcycles is big news. That they’re also adding smaller street fighter and adventure motos is pretty big news, too. But e-Bikes? With concepts for city bikes to full suspension mountain bikes? Yeah, that’s worth a quick story.

Harley-Davidson’s five year strategy is focused on increasing its reach, both globally and spiritually. For a brand known for its big, loud cruisers, the concept bikes presented show a large addition to their catalog. Soon, they’ll have their first electric motorcycle, the Livewire, which is more of a cruiser, followed by a smaller street bike that looks like the perfect city commuter. Both will be clutchless, twist-and-go motorcycles and fully electric. From there, they’ll be adding several e-bikes and what look like electric mopeds. (Yes, there’s a difference…the e-bikes will have pedals and require than you pedal, they’re pedal assist only).

The pics here tell a bit of the story. For more details, photos and video, check out full coverage on e-Bikerumor.com! For a bit of background as to why they might be doing this, check out our e-Bike Trends story.


    • Thats where they are smart actually: they don’t want some POS harley. Seriously, they have seen a dramatical drop in the 20 something market and even under 50 period.

      • Well yeah, who wants a heavy slow expensive motorcycle when a CRF250 is both cheap and a total scream? Harleys have always been old guy bikes.

  1. What’s old news is new news again…the produced bikes from roughly 1917-1921. So 100 years later they decide to give it a shot again (with a slight spin)

    • 100 years ago, there was a lot of excitement and innovation putting a gas motor on a bicycle. There is that SAME level of excitement and innovation with people designing and engineering electric motors and batteries in exciting frame designs. Now innovation are electric motors, circuitry, and software hacks. So 21st century American ingenuity.

      It was a very “American” culture of innovation that has been re-born. Who knows what genius will invent the next big electric bike that will change transportation in a similar way that motorcycles has done.

      If you hate ebikes, you are missing out on this culture. Goes to show that hate towards ebikes seems so….un-American and lacking understanding of our awesome and rich transportation history.

      ebikes, FTW!!!

      • you must work for an e-bike company. the motorcycle has not changed transportation in America. the car, yeah, the train, yeah. the motorcycle, not really. Americans by and large commute too far and in varying weather conditions that are not conducive to being out in the elements. Sure there are people in large metro areas that live entirely with-in a few mile radius and could use one of these electric motorcycles but most people don’t. look any any place that is not southern California or New York and you will find that life carries on very differently. that is a little fact that most of the bike companies fail to realize.

        how does your e-motorbike handle -10F while being chained to a bike rack for 8 hours. and i hope it likes salt. that is about 5 months out of the year in many mid-western cities.

        • If you have to personally insult someone, you’ve lost your argument.

          Travel much? Motos in Rome? Bangkok? Paris?

          Best part of reading and traveling, is that you are not afraid of the unknown and are willing to try new things. Good luck!

        • Bob, you must be a 16 year old kid? because real adults don’t throw insults at other people just because they have opinions different than yours.

          Also, its pretty clear you haven’t ridden an ebike. Sorry life is hard for you.

        • Lol, so much for being open minded, Fred!

          Check out extreme bicycle electric garage DIY facebook page. With all due respect, you lack being informed about what is going on around you.

          Also check out Vanmoof, Faraday, Vintage electric.

          Keep reading books, Fred! it will broaden your horizon, kid!

  2. As long as they’re kept on motorized trails I don’t see any issue with this. It’s clear that motorized mountain bikes are a gateway drug for motorized recreation- and Harley needs all the new customers it can get.

    In related news, has anyone else seen Specialized’s ad in which a geriatric lady with a pacemaker and two artificial knees beats Peter Sagan in an uphill drag race?

    Just a ‘little assist’ they said…

    • Having worked with the Specialized product a lot I can tell you there may be a tiny bit of marketing going on there. It’s funny; most people are quick to say every ad Specialized makes is pure marketing but we’ll make the exception here because it’s convenient to the argument, huh?

      • Awesome ad. Own goal for Spez!

        Puffery or no, I’m sure that there are plenty of hills on which even Sagan would struggle to hit let alone maintain the 20mph a category 1e-bike can hold with ~25% rider input.

        Besides words actually having meaning, that’s why motorized bicycles don’t belong on nonmotorized trails.

  3. !00 years ago the bicycle industry gave birth to g-bikes, and then tanked as the public embraced the new technology and left bicycles behind. I could see the same thing happening here with e-bikes. Why put effort into bicycle development, production and sales when these things can make the weakest slob able to pass a fit cyclist like they’re standing still?

    • I don’t see e-bikes ever replacing conventional bikes. People can already buy IC and electric motorcycles but conventional bicycles still sell well.

      E-bikes are to bikes what hoverboards are to skateboards: they’re trendy now but the original isn’t going anywhere.

      • Another way to look at it is that motos now outsell bicycles by a significant margin in pure sales numbers. Hence, historical precedence hints that e-bikes could out-sell bicycles as well.

        There are more people with transportation needs (ebike) than recreation needs (bicycles).

        • You made me go and look up global sales figures for bicycles and motorcycles, I found something that made me laugh. Whilst the actual numbers are hard to pin down, the cycling industry seems to claim 130-ish million bikes sold a year, counting E-Bikes. The moto industry claims around 132-ish million units produced a year, they also count E-Bikes into that total as well as Electric Motorcycles. It seems everyone wants a chunk of that E-Bike cash.

  4. Well, I’ll say this much: H-D is making it very easy for me to continue to hate H-D. Now both ON road as well as OFF! Synergy!

  5. Can HD please fail already? The only thing they have is an image that hasn’t been updated in 40 years. HD hate train…. CHOO CHOO!

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