The new Panaracer Race C is a retro style racing tire that’s been available as a tubular, but soon will come in a clincher version that gets a supple, tubular-like 120tpi cotton. It’ll also get their Protite Aramid-based casing, which is a proprietary blend of resins and fibers to create better puncture protection. It’ll come in very modern 700×26 and 700×28 widths and retail for just $59.95. They say it’ll probably end up around 225g to 240g per tire.

2019 Panaracer Road C wide road bike tire for racing with supple 120tpi casing

It’s a tube-type tire, not tubeless ready. Look for it to hit stores later this year.

panaracer gravel king limited edition olive green and teal blue colors

The Gravel King and Gravel King SK (for Side Knobs) get limited edition colors. Look for Nile Blue and Military Green for both, with black and brown sidewalls for both, too. Available in August, $49.95, limited quantities thru shops and direct on their website. Sizes offered will be 700×32/38/43 and 650Bx1.5/1.75/1.9.

new panaracer driver pro mountain bike tire sizes for trail bikes

The Panaracer Driver Pro mountain bike tire gets updated and adds 27.5×2.4, 27.5×2.6 and 29×2.4 widths.

new panaracer driver pro mountain bike tire sizes for trail bikes

Final weights and specs are TBD, but the current range of 27.5×2.1 to 29×2.2 widths weigh in at just 560-590g, so we expect these should be a very lightweight option for both XC and light trail.

prototype panaracer aliso dh enduro mountain bike tire

Coming up soon is the Panaracer Aliso, a burly enduro mountain bike tire based on downhill designs. In it’s toughest form, it’s estimated to come in at 1035g for 29×2.4, and add 50g for 2.6. That’s with a triple compound rubber and tread section and their DH casing.

prototype panaracer aliso dh enduro mountain bike tire

For courses without a lot of sharp rocks and pointy things, they’re also working on a lighter weight Trail Casing version that loses the reinforced sidewalls. They’re still testing things like puncture protection and other features that will give it the performance they want and hit a 780-800g target.


  1. jman on

    At NAHBS the Panaracer team in the booth stated the Gravel King SK was for Small Knobs although the terms Side Knobs, Semi Knobs and Square Knob seem to be used frequently. Either way the TL version is very cost effective, sets up tubeless easily, holds air well and rolls extremely well. My go to for anything but heavy mud.

  2. Jim E on

    Those green Gravel Kings are kinda cool and might go well with a lot of the earth colored gravel bikes coming out, but those Nile blue ones look like some reject from an ’80’s freestyle BMX bike.

    • Mr Pink on

      Must be new to cycling. Panaracer’s tubular casing tire will ride smoother than anh tubeless road tire oit there. Their tubular casings have no equal and with a lightweight tube you’d swear you’re on tubulars (which are better than these tubeless road tires).

      But if you must have tubeless road, Panaracer makes suck tires as well


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