If you’re looking for a little dolce vita for your bicycle storage needs, look no further than vadolibero. The company has been showcasing their beautiful storage options at Eurobike for years, and has continued to add more options.

The newest addition to the catalog is the VERTIK. Part floor lamp, part bike stand, the 60w dimmable LED lamp has a touch sensor switch for controls, and the revolving base allows you to set the bike at any angle.

Reminiscent of a riser handlebar, the body has a leather covered supporting pin for the fork and a tray for the rear wheel that fits a wide range of bikes. Completely made in Italy, VERTIK sells for €1,950 in matte black or silver.

While not new, the lockable KRYON hanging stand was on display with all the different color leather accessories available to match your interior design.

Certainly, vadolibero storage pieces are not for your typical garage or shed, but if turning your bicycle into a statement piece for your living room or office is your goal, theses should fit the bill.



  1. WalrusWheelWorks on

    These are quite pretty, and some of them look very nice and practical. Others just look really nice. The one with the two drawers etc looks fantastic.


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