Graphic artist Thomas Yang is back with a new limited edition print #41 – Never Look Back. Inspired by cyclists’ ever present need to push their bodies to the limit, Yang broke out of his black & white palette with a bunch of overlapping circles (and a pair of ellipses). Plus, us cyclists know it is all about that view, #foreverbuttphotos!

100copies #41 – Never Look Back

Ahead, is the unknown and where an adventure awaits.
Ahead, is a challenge you’ve already accepted.
Ahead, you’ll ride on, conquering every hill – even as the sun burns and the sores threaten.
Ahead, onward, never look back.

De rigueur for 100Copies, this is a limited edition run of 100 archival, offset lithograph color prints. Each 84x42cm (33×16.5″) print on 270g Citrine paper is numbered by hand, and sells for $90 with worldwide shipping for around $15 more. Remember some of these tend to sell super fast, so jump on it if you dig the autumnal colors.


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