With Fall around the corner, it means we’ll soon be seeing Pumpkin Spice everything and cooler temperatures. It also means we’ll have a lot less daylight to work with and will start reaching for the lights to extend the riding season. But that will make it the perfect time to try out new lights like the Specialized Flux 1200. The next evolution of their previous Flux Expert light, the 1200 now has an even wider beam pattern thanks to the dual beam pattern.

Specialized Flux 1200 headlight uses dual beams for even better illumination

Utilizing two CREE XP-L high intensity LEDs, Specialized took advantage of the smaller package of the XP-L and was able to offer the same lighting potential as the larger XM-L LEDs but with a better beam pattern. The XP-L also offers about 9% more lumens which helps in the overall design. The clear cover also allows the sides to light up for 180° visibility.

Inside, you’ll find a USB rechargeable 3400mAh Li-ion battery that will provide 1:15 to 5:00 run times based on the three steady light modes of 1200, 600, or 300 lumens. There’s also a daytime flash, steady wide+narrow flash, camping flashlight, and emergency low mode as well. That emergency mode claims to offer up to three hours of super low output if you run the battery out of charge.

Specialized Flux 1200 headlight uses dual beams for even better illumination Specialized Flux 1200 headlight uses dual beams for even better illumination

For mounting purposes, the stock mount articulates and is designed to attach to the bar anywhere thanks to the ability to rotate the mount. This mount will work on 22.2, 25.4, or 31.6mm bars – not 35mm. There’s also a separate helmet mount that will work on the Flux 1200 or 900 lights. Pricing and availability is TBA.


• Sculpted double-beam pattern puts light where you need it and maximizes every lumen.
• Latest CREE XP-L High Intensity LEDs combines XM-L level of output in a non-domed
3.5mm package for maximum lumens with better beam pattern control.
• Quick-release bar mount works on 22.2, 25.4, and 31.8mm bars.
• Mounting system centers light in front, above, or below the stem with a long reach to work around most computer mounts and shifter/brake cables.
• Extra bright side lights to give you 180-degree visibility to other cyclists and motorists.
• USB rechargeable 3400mAh Li-ion internal battery.
• 1200-/600-/300-lumen output in three main steady modes.
• 1:15-/2:30-/5:00-hour runtimes in three main steady modes.
• Press-and-hold to turn off.
• Long press-and-hold to enter secondary modes: daytime flash, steady wide + narrow flash, camping flashlight, and emergency low.
• Extra-long press-and-hold to lockout light for travelling.
• Depending on mode, up to an additional three hours of super-low output are available
when listed runtimes expire. Trust us, someday you’ll need this.
• 90% fast charge in 1.5 hours with full charge in 3 hours.
• Compatible helmet mount sold separately (49119-9220).


  1. Like their mount but shame there is no GoPro mount adapter, not 100% sold on dual beam lights though outside of a marketing tool. I found that in real world use my Lezyne XL 1100 puts out far less useable light both in beam distance and initial width than My Lights and Motion Urban 500 and gets it’s butt kicked by the urban 900.

  2. I use the Flux Expert and recently picked up the Flux 900 (the slightly less powerful version of the 1200). While the light output from both of these lights is amazing, the simplicity and rattle-free design of the mount is what really sets the new Flux lights apart from the older generation of Flux lights.

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