If you’re spending big money on a new ride, it should be exactly to your liking, right? Yes, but that’s often not the case. Many bikes are still locked into a certain build that may work for most, but not all. If you’re lucky, you’ll be buying from a bike shop that will help you fine tune the end result, but that’s not always the case. Now, if you’re in the market for a new Moots, getting the perfect build is easier than ever.

Moots adds custom configurator to let future Ti customers hand pick their ride

The legendary titanium brand out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado just launched their new custom configurator on their website. If you’re looking to build your dream bike, you start with your preferred platform and work up from there. Next, you’ll have to choose between stock or full custom geometry. In addition to the option of custom geometry, you can also customize the finish – anything from standard decal color, to custom logos, panels, or signature finishes to really make your bike stand out. Want to add S&S couplers? Internal routing? Rack and fender mounts? All of that can be configured as well.

“People are increasingly able to research their next bike purchase online, and we wanted to make Moots more accessible in that way,” said Moots President Drew Medlock. “We’re really happy with how our new configurator has come together, and we’re excited to give people the resources they deserve as they explore all the options in building their Moots dream bike.”

When it comes to components, each individual component can be selected based on preference form size, to model, and even color in some cases. And as you move along in the process, the actual retail price will update giving you an idea just how much the final product will run. All orders will be fulfilled through local Moots dealers, so you can either play around with the builder at home and email it to your favorite bike shop, or go in to build it with them in person.



    • You apparently haven’t looked very closely at the welds, because you’re unlikely to find cleaner welds on any other bike. They are still using 3D Printed dropouts that include the disc brake mounts. Those are incredibly clean, too.

      • Internet comments about welds are always unintentional comedy.

        Sure fire way to spot someone who doesn’t know a thing about welding: they think that by looking at a photo they can tell something about the weld.

        Come back and complain when you’ve done an x-ray or mag particle inspection, or better yet, cut one of those welds open.

    • To your point on welds. I am more concerned with the environmental factor of the out-gassing as the temperatures needed to melt and conjoin Titanium. Also, what is the environmental policy of the mining and smelting of the raw materials? Wait, the welder was drinking? Was this Union made beer? Does the welder have a drinking problem? Okay, who needs a hug? Safe Space snuggles for everyone? Someone take out the box of trophies….

      (Yes, this entire rant is in jest). And, as has been said Moots has some pretty darn good welders.

  1. Love moots. Love ti. Been on the factory tour when I was on vacation and the welds are impeccable. Eyal doesn’t know wtf it’s talking about and the comment reeks of jealously.

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