Vittoria’s classic of the Classics is back and wider than ever in an expanded Corsa Control lineup that will have you training fast through the winter and ready to toe the line at the first races in the new year. Building on the wet & dirty Spring Classics winning heritage of the original Pavé, the new Corsa Control is better than ever equipped with Graphene+, tubular & clincher options, and more wide sizes.

Vittoria Corsa Control all-season cotton road & cobble race tire

Flanders-Tech_RVV_Giant-Alpecin_prototype-next-generation-Vittoria-Corsa-Pave-graphene-classics-tubular-28mmVittoria long held the title of the most iconic winter & early season foul weather racing tire with their green Pavé CG. But when they overhauled their Corsa road line  bringing a big boost in rubber performance with Graphene+, the Spring Classics specialist was left out in the cold.

As early as the Tour of Flanders in 2016 we spotted prototypes of what would become the new Corsa Control tire being raced over Northern European cobbles. But it was more than a year and a half later before Vittoria gave the tire and name and a soft introduction with a single 28mm wide clincher version. Now the winter training & spring racing tire gets Vittoria’s full support with multiple size, color & casing options.

Vittoria Corsa Control foul-conditions race tire – Tech Details

Vittoria Urban Tech series protects against flats with Commuter Guarantee, MTB tires go 2.6"

Designed for competition in wet weather, on rough roads & slippery cobblestones, the Corsa Control features a fast rolling, smooth & grooved center tread section taken directly from the road race Corsa, then alternating bands of herringbone sipes taken from the old Pavé CG for confident cornering. That tread is hand glued onto the casing not vulcanized, which is said to make the tire more supple, even getting faster-rolling over time.

Vittoria Corsa Control all-season cotton road & cobble race tire

Four different Graphene+ rubber compounds just like the Corsa promise low rolling resistance & long wear going straight, then grip & durability when you lean it over, with improved puncture resistance overall. It also shares the same 320tpi aramid/kevlar fiber reinforced Corespun-K cotton casing with increased sidewall protection as the Corsa, making the only real difference the textured shoulders and a tiny 0.4mm extra rubber to wear through. The result though, is that this durable, all-season tire is still light at just 265g claimed for a 25mm clincher of 295g for a 25mm tubular.

Vittoria Corsa Control foul-conditions race tire – What’s New?


The big update this season to the Corsa Control is more options. Now the 64€ foldable clincher is available in 25 & 28mm widths (265g & 280g, respectively) and in both all black versions and a skinwall that Vittoria calls ‘Para’ sidewall.

Tubulars are also available now as well for 98€ a piece. They get even wider, with 25, 28 & 30mm ready to glue up, again each in black or skinwall variants. (295g, 350g & 370g, respectively.)

Vittoria Corsa Control all-season cotton road & cobble race tire
courtesy Vittoria, Roubaix recon photos by Gruber Images

Now we just have to keep holding our breath to see if they will make a tubeless TLR version like the fast rolling (but no puncture protection) Corsa Speed.


  1. Loved the 24 and 27mmm Pave tubs… stil have a few, but i adore the 28mm Corsa G+ tub even more (2x l’Eroica Giaole + lots of town rides and months of Scandinavian Winter commutes). They are suprisingly resistant to flats and way more wear resistant than Pave’s.

    Only reason why i havent swithced to Corsa G or Control on my clincer wheels is that i picked up a stash of 300tpi Challenge Parigi-Roubaix’s for just 13£ pr tire (they messures up at 29.6mm on Open Pro rims).

    tubless… i would love to try out a +/-2mm 35mm Corsa tubelss (as an alternative to the very expensive and evene more difficult to source Compass tires)

  2. Would rather go with Challenge Paris Roubaix open tubulars cheaper and less fall apart prone than the Corsas. I got a decent deal on a bunch of corsa tubulars from a friend and so have been running those on my race wheels great tires but they fall apart (I dont mean puncture more like the rubber falls off/chips off the cotton) I’ve seen the same on Corsa clinchers this has not been an issue on any other open tubulars (train 8000 miles a year on Challenge stradas) I’ve used.

  3. How is this news? Vittoria Corsa Control tyres came out over a year ago in 25C & 28C. We received stock in November 2017! I’d expect this on Bikeradar but not on Bikerumor.

    • @Sean, they are now available in wide tubulars in addition to the ones you’ve been stocking since last winter. More colors, more sizes, more casing options on a long popular tire that should help your customers ride fast through the winter.

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