Redrawing their retro styling & color matching once again, Fox has a new run of 2019 Heritage Decals coming to spice up your suspension. Now in fifteen different color combinations, it is easier than ever to give your mountain bike a little visual refresh and go full on matchy-matchy.

2019 Fox Heritage Decal Kits add color to forks & shocks

The new 2019 decal kits will retail for the same $25 as the last run, now with specific decals for each size fork. (That’s five bucks more than when we first saw them and their super helpful video above for Fox’s 40th anniversary.)

2019 Fox Heritage Decal Kits add color to forks & shocks

The sticker kits replace the stock decals on 32, 34, 36 & 40 forks. Fox says they won’t fit Step-Cast forks, but I’m pretty sure some careful/creative application will work fine – you just won’t be representing your SC setup. It is an easy upgrade to Factory looks, though. Also included are specific decals for DPS, DPX2, FLOAT X2 & DHX2 shocks too.

2019 Fox Heritage Decal Kits add color to forks & shocks

The Fox kits are intended to color match many popular bike paint jobs out there these days, including options for: orange, red, blue, chrome, silver, white, gold, stealth black, pink, turquoise, yellow, bright (not olive) green, red/white/blue, mint & orange digital camo. Each sticker pack includes enough decals to wrap one 32/34 fork, one 36/40 fork, and a few shocks, plus plenty of leftover to sticker bomb your friends when they aren’t looking. Order now through regular Fox retailers.


  1. Or you can make up your own custom color sets and get them shipped from Sweden within a week, for roughly the same price! You can also match up your frame or wheel decals. Slik is by far the best decal set company I have ever dealt with!
    And no, I don’t work for them, I gladly buy them at retail. I just like to spread the love when a company does it right!

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