Dave “The Lord” Voelker is back with GT – and so is the Dyno Pro Compe (ish). After 17 years away, BMX Hall of Famer Voelker is back working with GT on a very special project. Fans of 80’s BMX should be familiar with the Dyno Pro Compe, only this time it’s all grown up. The Special Edition Dayglo Orang ’87 Dyno Pro Compe draws inspiration from the year that Voelker turned pro with GT/Dyno, but it rolls on modern BigMX 29″ wheels and tires.

Dyno Pro Compe BMX returns as Special Edition GT Heritage model with 29" wheels

Dyno Pro Compe Heritage – 29 inch 

The frame and fork are full chomoly and have been supersized to fit the massive 29 x 2.5″ GT Smoothie tires. More importantly, everything has been stiffened so that there are “No more ‘butter forks’,” says Dave. “That’s what I used to call them. They were like butter; they’d flex all over the place, and we would have to straighten them out. When it came to the wheels, it was important to add bigger tires because it’s like adding suspension. And, as you get older, you want to have a little bit of cush as you’re landing.”

Dyno Pro Compe BMX returns as Special Edition GT Heritage model with 29" wheels

Dyno Pro Compe Heritage – 29 inch 

There’s also a new version of their ‘Pretzel’ bar which is still full chromoly and wider at 31.5″ and 7.875″ tall. In spite of the change in wheels, you’ll still find BMX specs like a Mid bottom bracket, inverted seatstay brakes, and 3 piece cranks that are all meant to hold up to aggressive riding. Even if your days of going big are behind you, the larger wheels should be perfect for cruising around town or down to the local skate park for old time’s sake.

Available now, the ’87 Dyno Pro Compe sells for $725.



  1. Fredskee on

    …and a few middle age ‘extreme’ guys having a mild crisis will buy one, cruise down to the local skate park and realize 29″ tires aren’t meant for 1/4 pipes and that they werent actually that good when they owned the original dyno comp, and they’ll cruise back home and put it in the garage where it will sit for 5+ years until they put it on Facebook marketplace for $600 because its “barely ridden mint condition monster bmx ripper”…

  2. King County on

    They will sell a few, but I do not see this as a bike a kid will choose over an S.E.
    Where I live, S.E. dominates with the youth.
    The old-school BMX companies trying to capture some of the teen market have to copy what they can off of S.E. Use big tube aluminum frames, snappier colorways, hipper names. “Ripper” is as cool as it gets, but Dyno had the ‘Slammer’, “Zone”, etc.. better than, “Compe”.
    Just make a nicer bike. Forget the handlebars that were corny the 1st time/chainring-spiders/platform, etc.
    An a positive note: Its cool to see Dave Voelker, but will he promote and be the ‘D-Blocks’ for the brand?


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