More often than not, a simple flat on a tubeless tire will require a plug rather than a tube. Of course slashed tires are another story, but for the most part punctures and even some pinch flats can be fixed with an assortment of tire plugs. Naturally, more an more brands are starting to offer their own tubeless repair tools for this very reason. KOM Cycling is a relatively new brand out of Michigan, and they just released their first Tubeless Tire Repair Tool.

KOM Cycling attacks the flats with light weight Tubeless Tire Repair Tool

The TTRT is double sided, with a shape that is about the length of a Sharpie without the cap and a little bigger in girth. The aluminum shell is knurled to provide enough grip to open each side which is sealed with a an o-ring at the center. The CNC aluminum construction also makes the tool fairly light at just 25g completely loaded.

KOM Cycling attacks the flats with light weight Tubeless Tire Repair Tool

While the reamer side of the tool may or may not be needed, the other side of the tool features a relatively common split needle tip through which ‘bacon’ strips are threaded. The tool includes 8 x 1.5mm strips with four strips housed in each end of the tool. KOM says that replacement strips will be available for purchase by the end of February, but it should also be compatible with other strip in a pinch.

KOM Cycling attacks the flats with light weight Tubeless Tire Repair Tool

If you’ve never used a tool like this to fix a puncture before, the process is fairly simple. Load the needle with a plug strip, then stab the hole with the tool. When you remove the tool, the plug should stay in place, sealing the hole. Larger punctures may need two strips twisted together. Air up your tire, and assuming everything worked as planned, you’re good to go.

KOM Cycling attacks the flats with light weight Tubeless Tire Repair Tool The KOM TTRT is available in eight different colors, and the tool is priced at just $15.99 with eight strips. The tools are available now directly from KOM Cycling.


    • Whilst your link is indeed for a tyre plug tool it is nothing like the same product, this is very compact and light whilst the Harbor Freight one is much bigger and not the sort of thing you would want to carry in your jersey pocket.
      It should also be noted that there are tyre plug tools for double the price of this, and it’s nice to have options, with this you could stash the tyre plug tool in your fork steerer if you use a Fork Cork as I do with my DynaPlug Racer plug tool.

    • The reamer is to enlarge the hole and make it easier to push the bacon strip through, although I do know some people don’t feel this step is necessary, I guess it’s better to have it and not need it than not have it and not be able to drive the strip in the tyre.

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