All-City Cycles have traded in classic steel for raw titanium with the new Cosmic Stallion Ti gravel bike. Not only does it have a super lightweight frameset, it also gets improved tire clearance for your most demanding all-road journeying. With All-City custom titanium dropouts and a Columbus Futura Cross carbon fork, this ride looks sweet as.

All-City Cosmic Stallion Ti

titanium gravel bike all-city cosmic stallion ti all-road

All-City are releasing their Cosmic Stallion all-road bike in titanium with a limited run of framesets. The frame material isn’t the only new feature, however. The Whisky No.9 carbon fork is traded in for the Columbus Futura Cross, tire clearance is improved and cable routing is internal with options for Di2.

all-city cosmic stallion ti 700c x 45c or 650b x 42c tire clearance gravel bike

The All-City Cosmic Stallion Ti offers clearance for 700c x 45mm tires or 650b x 42mm, with or without fenders. The brand position the new frameset as a race-ready all-road bike that delivers precise handling and a vibration damped ride feel.

oberon titanium tubeset all-city cosmic stallion ti

That’s thanks to All-City’s proprietary blend of 3/2.5 titanium tubes, named Oberon Titanium. They claim it is 3/4 lb. lighter than an equivalent size A.C.E. frame of the steel Cosmic Stallion of 2019.

all-city cycles cosmic stallion titanium all-road frame internal cable routing

The titanium frame can accommodate Di2 shifting, with internal cable routing through the front triangle and rear triangles. The frame also offers internal cable routing for a dropper seat post, maintaining the sleek aesthetic.

all-city cycles rear dropouts custom titanium cosmic stallion ti

As we see across the All-City range, the Cosmic Stallion Ti gets beautiful custom dropouts except this time they are titanium.

all-city cosmic stallion ti rear rack and fender mounts

While the All-City Cosmic Stallion Ti is a gravel race bike first and foremost, its rear rack and fender mounts plus three sets of water bottle bosses make it a viable option for long-distancing bikepacking adventures too.

all-city cosmic stallion ti gravel disc all-road bike

Pricing & Availability

all-city cycles titanium head badge

The new All-City Cosmic Stallion Ti will be available in mid-February in a small, exclusive run of frames. Pick up the frameset only for $3,199.


  1. Wonderful looking dropouts. The new Turner hardtail last week and now this. It’s a titanium renaissance! Not cheap, but a really nice offering.

    The website also lists 700c x 54c or 650b x 42c. I think they must mean 52c for the 650b option.

  2. Disappointing. I like All City, but they are a “value” brand and their specialty is steel. If I wanted to drop over $3K on a titanium frameset, I’d look to an established Ti brand, like Litespeed.

  3. On the positive, All City absolutely perfectly executed this frame. Aside from a few minor quibbles, this looks like an absolutely perfect gravel/all-road bike. But the price is uncalled for. You can get similar Ti bikes from Chumba, Bearclaw, Dean, Litespeed, etc for $1000 less on-average.

    I hope All City can move past the excessive pricing for this “exclusive run of frames” and come back with the same model and some full build kits at a more reasonable price.

    While they’re at it: delete the upper rack mounts (there are seat collars that can do this without mucking up a pretty frame like this) and at some TT bag bosses! <– my only minor niggles about the bike.

    • What if they made the price of the bike that much to push people to support smaller and local bike builders?

      The only way I’d get my hands on one of these if I got it at cost from a bike shop i worked at.

  4. Perplexed with the decision to limit 650b tire sizes to 42mm instead of 47mm which seems to have become the industry minimum. That is a huge change in roll-over and bb height from a 700c tire.

  5. OR
    You could get a hand built, CHATANOOGA TN MADE Litespeed Watia with EVERY OPTION they offer for $200 less…

    OR you could get a COMPLETE Twin Six Ti Rando for $400 more ($3600)…

    I’m sorry All City. You’ve lost touch with the average rider.

    • Yeah but I believe these are made by ORA in Taiwan.

      They’re the best bar none as far as Ti is concerned. Comparing Litespeed stuff is laughable. Only even remotely ballpark comparable level of workmanship from a US Ti builder are Moots, and they simply aren’t as good.

      The best Ti frames are made in Taiwan. Period. Anyone who tells you differently is poorly informed or a flag waver.

      • @Oliver I’m afraid this will read as confrontational, but I don’t mean it that way at all. I’m curious what your high opinion of ORA is based on? I’m ready to believe your claim, but would like to know more.

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