Cane Creek has updated their short travel eeSilk suspension seatposts to improve performance and durability, adding a new carbon shaft version and dropping the alloy post’s price. You still get 20mm of travel adjustable for rider weight to smooth out rough asphalt, dirt & gravel roads…

Cane Creek eeSilk Carbon & alloy 20mm suspension seatposts

Just like the original eeSilk, this new generation Cane Creek eeSilk & the all-new eeSilk Carbon are designed to take the edge off of rough roads, gravel, and light dirt riding with its short 20mm of suspension travel directly at your saddle. Lower vibration and a bit of bump damping means decreased fatigue on long mixed-surface rides, so you can enjoy more time on the bike without a huge weight penalty.

What’s new? Improved durability & lower pricing!

Cane Creek eeSilk Carbon or alloy lightweight 20mm suspension seatposts
c. Cane Creek

While the longer-travel Thudbusters recently got more major overhauls, the new short-travel eeSilk’s focus on minor design tweaks to make the post more accessible to a wider range of gravel & all-road riders, while improving durability.

Cane Creek eeSilk Carbon or alloy lightweight 20mm suspension seatpost, stainless steel pivot axles

The biggest functional change is an upgrade to solid 300-series stainless steel axles over the old hollow aluminum one, now with the bushings moved inboard for better protection. Cane Creek says the result is quieter pivot actuation and overall improved durability. It also allowed the outer linkage arms to be trimmed down a bit for a lower profile.

Cane Creek eeSilk Carbon or alloy lightweight 20mm suspension seatposts, head detail
Cane Creek eeSilk Carbon (left) or eeSilk alloy (right)

The titanium hardware (and thumbwheel) of the original carries over for the new model with a new bonded-on carbon shaft. The new alloy version opts for stainless hardware to keep pricing down, but also gets a 25mm longer shaft to fit more bikes with sloping geometry. Both keep the same 8mm offset, two-bolt seatpost head of the original (one bolt up, one down.)

New rider weight limit for the posts comes down a bit to 250lb/113kg with five elastomer hardness options to allow lighter or heavier riders to finetune the ride for an extra $13. (All posts include the standard medium #5 elastomers.)

Cane Creek eeSilk & eeSilk Carbon – Options, pricing & availability

Cane Creek eeSilk Carbon or alloy lightweight 20mm suspension seatpost, Moots all-road detail

The new Cane Creek eeSilk Carbon sells for $300, just ten bucks more than the original back in 2018. The move to carbon doesn’t really save weight vs. that older version, instead offsetting the added weight of the upgraded hardware to come in at the same 295g for the 27.2 post or 305g for 31.6mm (claimed) at 350mm long.

The updated alloy eeSilk is another third cheaper at $200, but gets the same new quality & performance updates. The 27.2 eeSilk should weigh 345g or 350g for the 31.6mm version, in 375mm lengths for the alloy posts.

Cane Creek eeSilk Carbon or alloy lightweight 20mm suspension seatpost, Moots road bike

Both versions are in stock, available now direct from Cane Creek or their retail network.


  1. So the post is $300 and they are going to nickel and dime your ass for another $13 per elastomer? The inflation is kicking in quick.

  2. The price for alloy version finally seems reasonable, but I don’t like switching the thumbwheel for a hex screw – kinda looks like a botch.

    Also – thanks for the 31,6 size, just do the 30,9 too and we’ll have all we need. 🙂

    • I agree to both of those things. The thumb wheel looks neat, the hex bolt looks like bottom shelf dept store zinc bolt

    • I tried one out, the thumb wheel would come loose every 4-500 miles. The suspension sucks, even tried a few elastomers (mine came with them), and it’s VERY heavy. It’s off my bike.

  3. I just installed one on my minivelo. With 20 inch wheels and a 34.9mm post, it was punishing after 30 miles before. Sized down to the 31.6mm and looking forward to it. Huge weight savings over the prior folding-bike style heavy post in there before.

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