These days, it seems like you can 3D print just about anything. Helmets, tools, pedals, saddles, bikes, even shoes are now being created out of thin air with the push of a button (and some seriously high tech printers). Now, thanks to Adidas, you can add sunglasses to that list.

Adidas 3D CMPT: 20-Gram 3D Printed Flexible Nylon Frame

Adidas 3D Printed 3D CMPT sunglasses

Built utilizing the latest 3D printer technology, the frame of the 3D CMPT is created from flexible nylon topped with a special coating to give the exterior a rubberized texture. The weblike weave makes the frames extremely lightweight and gives the glasses a unique, futuristic aesthetic.

The one-piece frame weighs in at a mere 20 grams, and thanks to the non-slip nose pad and end tips, you might even forget you’re wearing sunglasses.

Featherlight Mirrored Polycarbonate Lens

Adidas 3D Printed 3D CMPT sunglasses

The specs feature an integrated mirrored shield lens that comes in brown/mirror silver. The lens is a lightweight polycarbonate for added weight savings. Weight weenies rejoice — these sunglasses are one more way to save on those precious grams.

In addition to being featherlight, the design of the 3D CMPT also offers maximum ventilation, making them ideal for long rides or hot, humid weather. You know, if you find your existing sunglasses especially stifling.

Priced at $415, the limited-edition matte black frames will be available in limited quantities. Adidas Club members can purchase a pair exclusively at during Creative Club Week starting August 23, 2021.


    • Shafty on

      Of course, but these are for show or display. Why anyone would risk expensive and frivolous glasses on aggressive riding is beyond me. Might as well get an ultrasonic cleaner to deep clean them while you’re at it.


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