We’ve all been there. Stranded on the side of the road with a cut tire, forced to improvise a tire boot with whatever is close at hand. Maybe that’s a dollar bill, or an empty Gu packet… really, just anything flat and durable enough to keep your tube inside the tire for the ride home. For those that want something a little more permanent though, Restrap is offering a simple kit that looks perfect for the job.

Restrap Tire Boot Kit

Simply called their Tire (or Tyre) Boot Kit, the whole it is basically one roll of very light and durable Hyplalon fabric. There are eight pre-cut boot shapes held in place with a few easily breakable bonds, in different shapes to work for different type tears.

Restrap Tire Boot Kit Restrap Tire Boot Kit

Meant for tubed tires only, the patches are then removed and affixed to the inside of the tire using the included tube of glue. The result should be a permanent repair that will at least get you home, if not last the life of the tire.

Restrap Tire Boot Kit

When you’re done, the whole kit rolls up tightly with the included velcro strap. The whole kit sells for $13.99, and should be available soon.



  1. Crash Bandicoot on

    I’ve always used a bit of packing tape for small holes in tires to prevent repuncture down the line on open tubulars. Not sure I’d trust something like this with a cut as depicted at 55mph and I’m saying this as a guy with at least 8 Rema patches in his front tube who touches 50 every day.

  2. John on

    White Johnson and Johnson cloth medical tape for tubeless. As long as you still have sealant it sticks well and lasts. Also works for patching people trailside too.


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