Do you have a hard time finding the perfect gift for the cyclist in your life? Do they prefer long open roads instead of endless rock gardens? Well, our experts compiled a list of the coolest gear for the road cyclist on your holiday list this season. We have gifts ideas ranging from $25 stocking stuffers to the max — helping you dial in exactly the right gear for your budget and riders’ needs.

Best Road Cycling Gifts Under $25

best holiday gifts for road cyclists under 25 dollars

Now that tubeless tires are firmly in the road mainstream, there is no better time to start your switch over to a tubeless system (here’s our favorite road tubeless tires). To take the mess out of the job, check out the Park Tool TSI-1 Tubeless Sealant Injector ($25, available at Amazon and Trek Bikes). It will keep your floor free of goop, plus, when swapping tires, it’ll suck the sealant out so you can inject it into your new tires, saving time and money. It’s perfect for gravel and cyclocross, too, where you’re changing tires more often based on conditions!

Seems like the colder it gets, the wetter it gets, but an Ass-Saver Mudguard ($13, available at Wiggle) is a cheap fix for keeping your bum dry. These plastic easy-to-stow fenders are the perfect answer to surprise wet days and only take a second to install. Ass-Saver guards come in many sizes, graphics, and configurations — plus, they make off-road models, which are great for the mountain biker on your list.

If you’re looking for something small that makes a big difference, check out the VeloSkin Shave Cream (£12, available direct). This shaving cream makes sure you get a smooth shave and leaves you feeling super soft and professional. It’s not just for the legs, either, providing natural moisturizing for the face, too. A fantastic little stocking stuffer that reminds you every morning, “you should ride today.” It’s flat rate shipping from the UK, so grab their aftershave lotion and a few other treats to fill the box.

Best Road Cycling Gifts Under $50

best holiday gifts for road cyclists under 50 dollars

Winter is the right time to examine what hours of summer riding have done to our favorite machines. Most need repair or maintenance work at the least, so no better time to replace your bar tape. The Silca Nastro Cuscino bar tape ($50, available at REI and Competitive Cyclist) is perfect for winter riding with a bit of cushion and tons of grip. The black leather look matches all bikes, and the subtle embossed logos stick out just enough to be noticeable.

Another definite during the winter months is flats — unfortunately. The KOM saddle roll ($30, available at Amazon) packs just enough gear to keep your pockets free and your tools on your bike. The KOM bag features a BOA style closure that ensures a super tight fit and makes your tools accessible in seconds. Plus, the whole package is waterproof, so your tools and inflator won’t rust.

Everyone needs a dependable water bottle, not just cyclists, and we love this super cool metal bottle from BIVO ($30, available at Mike’s Bikes). Its made from metal and designed by a NASA scientist to get the most flow by simply tipping the bottle over, no squeezing needed. The metal construction keeps the inside smell and taste-free, plus it won’t warp in the dishwasher — perfect for anyone on your list.

If you have a very particular rider to buy for, we suggest the Defeet Print-My-Sock ($29, available at Defeet) as a super cool custom gift that’s sure to make them smile. Super-sock-makers Defeet has a program where you can design your custom pattern sock, and they’ll make it and ship it to you all in about a week’s turn around — sweet!

Best Road Cycling Gifts Under $100

best holiday gifts for road cyclists under 100 dollars

Winter brings colder weather (duh) and less daylight, so if your rider frequents the dusk hours riding home, we suggest the K-EDGE Max XL Combo Mount ($65, available at TrekBikes and Bikeinn). The mount works excellent as a stand-alone computer mount (Garmin and Wahoo versions available, which makes them compatible with most other computer brands, too). It’s secret is it’s extra strength that supports the extra weight of a light (or action camera), providing rock solid stability and putting the light further forward in a more visible (and aero) location.

Regardless of time of year, we have to be extra visible on the roads, and a super bright blinking taillight like the Specialized Lux 250R ($65, available at is just the light to do that — it’s mega bright, easy to charge at work or the office, and connects to tons of different bicycle styles. Bonus points for tucking in behind the seatpost for a more aero fit, and for being waterproof and long-lasting – the flash mode will last for 8 hours! It’s a great deal and just the right size for a stocking stuffer.

Most if not all of us will be spending time on the indoor turbo trainer this winter, whether to race, trainer, or spin off the cocktails. The SiS Turbo+ Bundle ($38 on sale, available at SIS) is an excellent gift for the indoor cyclist on your list. The bundle includes indoor-specific gel, an indoor-specific drink mix, and a water bottle to mix it all up. Indoor race and training efforts differ from the demands of outdoor riding, so do the nutritional needs, and SiS is on top of what you’ll need to succeed.

Dropping temperatures mean cold toes, and cold toes are no fun when riding. If you’re looking to keep those digits warm this winter and put in the big base miles, the Endura Freezing Point Overshoe ($75, available at Chain Reaction Cycle)is a must-have. The construction is top-notch, and the seams won’t rip if you decide to take them off-road. The off-set rear zipper is clutch and keeps the stiff zipper material away from the flex point behind your ankle, reducing the chance of it digging in. Plus —it’s super easy to zip up with thick winter gloves.

Best Road Cycling Gifts Under $250

best holiday gifts for road cyclists under 250 dollars

When it gets cold, the first appendages to get walloped are the fingers and toes. An excellent way to ensure long comfortable rides in the winter is to start with quality gear. The 45 NRTH Stermfist 4 gloves ($130, available at Backcountry) are the warmest we’ve tested. Super durable construction, easily washable, and beyond all — mega-warm.

If you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving but a cycling twist — check out the coffee subscriptions from GRIMPEUR’S Coffee. If you buy a “supporters blend,” a portion of the sales goes directly to help specific athletes — like the Amy D Foundation. Plus, the coffee is top-notch— a great way to keep warm and motivated during the winter months. (Check our other cycling gift guide for a great and quiet way to grind those beans!)

Who doesn’t appreciate recovery devices? Cyclists sure do, and what better than a recovery tool that’s portable. The Hyperice Hypervolt GO Mini Percussion Massager ($200, available at REI and TrekBikes) is just enough to loosen sore muscles before a ride or recover after. The super small size packs a punch and is excellent for on-the-go whether you’re riding or racing.

You’ll notice a trend of recovery on this list, and that’s because winter is a great time to recharge the batteries and prep for the next season. The Roll Recovery R8 ($170, available at Roll Recovery) is a great companion to start a daily recovery routine. No batteries required and manually operated, this leg roller is one you have to experience to truly appreciate the benefits. A great pre/post-ride tool and will fit easily in your gear bag.

Best Road Cycling Gifts $250+

best holiday gifts for road cyclists over 250 dollars

If you’re looking to get something that your cyclist can use on and off the bike, the Rapha Down cycling jacket ($295, available at Rapha) is a fantastic option. The same jacket you’ll see Lachlan Morton wearing in nearly every Rapha film, this super packable and ride-friendly piece of gear is great for any occasion — two-wheeled or not.

If you’re looking for something to survive the bitterly cold winters, getting the warmest gear possible is a smart way to go. For us, that’s the Velocio Zero bib tight ($300, available at Velocio) and Softshell jacket ($300, available at Velocio). The combo is waterproof where it matters (front, with a splash pad on the rear) and supremely comfortable, this gear will last you many winters to come. The premium Thermo-Roubaix fabric is super soft and sets the standard for comfort and warmth in cycling clothing — highly recommended.

The Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT ($300, available at REI and Amazon) is perfect for the newer Roadie that’s really gotten into the sport. A dependable, easy-to-use GPS cycling computer is almost a necessity for tracking rides while seeing all the data, routing, and more. They offer a larger ROAM, but the BOLT gives you what you need for all types of road riding, from training to racing, Gran Fondos to group rides.

Last but certainly not least, the Normatec 2.0 leg sleeves ($900, available at Amazon and Best Buy) are the ultimate in recovery, especially if you have some extra lounging time this holiday break. The micropulse system helps facilitate blood flow, and the compression soothes tired muscles. The system isn’t just for athletes, though; if you had a full day of running around the office or shoveling snow, these boots are your key to hitting the next day running.

Disclosure: Specialized is a sponsored inclusion in this list. We will only ever recommend products that we actually like, and every item in our Gift Guides has been used, reviewed, or recommended by one or more of our team members.

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