Bontrager Circuit shoe pair

Updated Bontrager Circuit road cycling shoe out performs the asking price

Bontrager has stepped up its shoe game over the past couple of years, updating for maximum performance and comfort. The benefit of having a...
Apidura City Backpack, waterproof bikepacking tech in city commuter bag, riding

Apidura City Backpack adapts bikepacking construction for everyday commuter bag

Apidura has adapted the technical construction of their bikepacking bags into a new City Backpack that works well on and off the bike. Whether...

Is the Redshift Kitchen Sink Handlebar the ultimate gravel upgrade?

Variations on handlebars are coming fast and furious — with designs that, at first, can boggle the mind. Initially, the design choices seem over-the-top,...
Shimano Cargo e-bikes, heavy-duty electric motor cargo-specific power tunes, made for the job

Shimano Cargo updates e-bike drive for heavy loads, plus huge 220mm rotors will stop...

Shimano Cargo gives two top EP8 & E6100 STePS e-bike motors new e-cargo-specific engine tunes to get the most out of pedal-assist heavy lifting....
2021 Merida all-road e-bikes, affordable alloy all-road eBikemotion X35 e-bike, eSpeeder urban commuter

Patent Patrol: a cheeky pivoting saddle; a bike that does the work for you

Bicycles have enjoyed a renewed spotlight during Covid as mobility darlings. It should come as no surprise then that inventors are focusing closely on...
State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead, guy on Klunker

Get Truckin’, but Watch Your Speed with State Bicycle Co.’s Grateful Dead collaboration

Cyclists aren’t all hippies, but most of us share some common views with the long-hairs; We respect the environment, and we love to enjoy...

Bontrager’s $350 Line Comp 30 are ready for impact with all new G609 alloy...

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Bontrager - fresh off the release of a new Aeolus road wheel design and now changing...
Kask Urban R city commuter bike helmet, Alpen Bike Capsule bike storage locker

Urban roundup: new Kask helmets, VentaPak commuter bag spacer & Alpen Bike Capsule

Urban bike commuters don't always get the most cutting-edge technology, but there are plenty of ways to improve the bike-to-work beyond just building e-bikes...
KP Cyclery Nighthawk steel cargo bike, affordable EU-made customizable long john cargo bikes, riding

KP Cyclery Nighthawk, EU-made cargo bike mixes smooth steel ride, affordable options

KP Cyclery is back again with an all-new steel Nighthawk cargo bike, made entirely in Europe. The Long John-style cargo bike offers plenty of...



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