LightSKIN integrated commuter bike headlight taillight, StVZO-certified hidden internal LED seatpost handlebar lighting, on Schindelhauer

LightSKIN & Schindelhauer make integrated commuter lighting more accessible together

We've seen neatly integrated LightSKIN LED bike lighting for many years, but now they've become much easier to get ahold of, added German StVZO...
tony ellsworth ebike therideradiant carbon radical electric bicycle commuting cruising enviolo automatic shifting stepless hub shimano motor gates belt drive

Tony Ellsworth’s TheRide releases first visionary e-Bike; The Radiant Carbon

Tony Ellsworth is something of a legend in the mountain bike industry; his brand, Ellsworth Bicycles, was the first to drop a sub 22lb...
2021 Genesis Flyer singlespeed all-road bike, affordable adventure-ready alloy single speed gravel road bike

Genesis Flyer pares down alloy CdA into £550 do it all-road adventure singlespeed bike

Last spring Genesis updated affordable all-road with the alloy CdA, and now makes that bike even more accessible as a lower-priced singlespeed in the...
Ass Savers plastic mud flaps, ToeTector front & BroTector rear extended rain protection for full-coverage fenders mudguards, front

First Rides: Ass Savers ToeTector & BroTector mud flaps keep my toes & bros...

The simplicity of mini Ass Savers clip-on fenders has always been their best feature, but their latest mud flaps add to that with extended...

“World’s thinnest bicycle helmet” handles repeat impacts, folds into your hip pack

More people than ever seem to be seeking out 'micromobility' solutions, whether that's a bike share or scooter. But what about the helmet? Most...
Brooks Cambium C67 all-weather saddle, vegan urban commuter e-bike saddle, seat and grips

Brooks goes wide with Cambium C67 saddle evolved for modern e-bikes & commuters

Brooks' latest Cambium C67 evolves their classic wide, sprung leather saddle design for a modern age into a new all-weather rubber saddle for the...
8bar Mitte affordable all-road gravel bike, adjustable customizable alloy adventure bikepacking gravel road bike, split

8bar Mitte updates adaptable & affordable aluminum all-road & gravel bike

8bar's popular aluminum Mitte road, all-road & gravel transformer bike has just gotten a facelift. As affordable as ever, with even more options for...

Whisky Milhouse & Winston handlebars reimagine moto & mustache bars in carbon

Want a classic handlebar profile but with modern performance? Whisky Parts Co. is offering exactly that with two new handlebar designs. Using profiles we...

Schwalbe Aerothan tubes get even lighter, more durable, and rim brake compatible!

It seems like forever ago that we were actually at a trade show, seeing new goods first hand. In 2015, that included the opportunity...



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