EuroBike Award Winners

It seems some IBD worries that Cannondale would get homogenized and dumbed down when they were purchased by Dorel (which owns Pacific Bikes aka:...

Charlotte NC City Bike Plan Meeting Tonight

From Bart at Southpark Cycles:  The City Wide Bike Plan which began last October is scheduled to come before the City Council session today...

2012 Olympic Velodrome / BMX plans announced

London's Olympic organizers have presented plans for a 6,000 seat facility that will house the velodrome and BMX track for the 2012 Olympics.  It's...

Designhuis Bicycle Exhibition

The 100 day bicycle exhibition, running from June 22 through October 5 in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) honors the Dutch tradition of riding their bikes...

Modern Rickshaw Offers Free Rides

Found this on MotherProof.  Used in Dublin, Ireland, this modern take on the rickshaw offers up to three people free rides around town.  The...

Keepin’ the Glow on the Down Low

Aaahhh trickle down technology.  First you saw them on low-rider trucks cruising the strip on dubs.  Now you can rock them while slow pedalin'...

Fastboy Fenders, Free Bike With Purchase

We did a recent post on Fixie Inc's sweet new rides, which featured a wood handlebar...which made us wonder, who makes that?  Answer: Fastboy,...

2009 Bianchi Single Speed / Kids Bikes

This wraps up our posts on Bianchi's '09 range...first, the single speeds. Bianchi apparently took note of the masses putting straight bars on...

Genesis 2009 Bikes

No, not that genesis, but Genesis Bikes from across the pond have debuted their '09 lineup, including their new Croix de Fer (Iron Cross)...



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