Salsa Adventure At Your Doorstep - IBD home bike delivery The Postman

Salsa delivers Adventure At Your Doorstep, home delivery through local bike shops

Salsa Adventure At Your Doorstep opened up a new path to new bikes this week, cooperating with existing independent bike dealers to deliver bikes...

Pacenti gets fat, stays light w/ new Picco 46 wheels – plus lifetime warranty!

Pacenti Cycle Design announced the Picco 46, a new disc brake-compatible carbon wheel set. As the name suggests, the rims have a depth of...

Quai wheels w/Radically Staggered Lacing cross Pacific bringing unique-aesthetic carbon hoops

Quai's RSL (Radically Staggered Lacing) wheelsets have finally crossed the Pacific, setting up their USA headquarters in Southern California with wholesale and retail sales,...
GebioMized Area Sleak custom fit, pressure map custom saddle fitting retul, Secret Saddle Club

Review: GebioMized Sleak 145, riding a custom fit road & gravel saddle

Yesterday, I detailed the process of getting a custom pressure map analysis to optimize how I sit on the bike. But of course none...

Cirrus Cycles smooths bumps, reduces chatter w/ new Kinekt Suspension Stem

Cirrus Cycles announced a new addition to their bump-absorbing product line - the Kinekt Suspension Stem. The adjustable, multi-pivot design has 20mm of parallel...
2020 All-City Super Professional urban cross bike, Super Pro affordable steel gravel cross cyclocross all-road commuter city bike

All-City gets Super Professional with adaptable steel, do-it-all urban cross bike

All-City is all about building steel bikes that make great all-rounders. Their latest Super Professional mashes up the popular urban Macho Man and the...
2020 Jamis Renegade C1 carbon gravel bike, Shimano GRX versatile carbon gravel all-road bikepacking bike

Jamis Renegade C1 & C2 carbon adventure bikes build on versatility with GRX

Not a ton has changed on the carbon Jamis Renegade since it was last updated back in 2016. But proven mixed-surface versatility has kinda...

Hustle Bike Labs tease REM magnetic flat pedals for MTB, best of clipless and...

Hustle Bike Labs are on the precipice of releasing their REM magnetic flat pedals for mountain biking, combining the the connection of a clipless...
what's coming for 2020 road bikes gravel bikes and cyclocross bikes in the future

2020 Predictions: What’s coming for road, gravel and cyclocross bikes?

Every year we see tons of next gen tech pop up on the road at pro races, casually hidden in plain sight at gravel...



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