Yuba battles rain with new Cargo Canopy for Supermarché cargo bike

Yuba makes a great range of cargo bikes, including their front-loader Supermarché - available in standard and electric-assist models. But.. what if it rains?...
Obst&Gemüse + Elian Cycles Ultimate e-Cargo Obst&Gemuese+Elian limited edition e-bike custom cargo bike

Elian Ultimate e-Cargo replaces your car with a fun, gravel-ready cargo e-bike

Elian Cycles already had the uniquely high-performance Classic Cargo bike, with its signature hub steering design. Now working with premium Swiss bike shop &...
Scott SK-eRIDE e-bike e-trekking e-MTB ski tour approach shuttle bike, photos by texphotographies

Scott SK-eRIDE approaches the absurd, an e-MTB shuttle to ski fresh powder

Scott bikes (and skis, too actually) have a new, proof-of-concept project e-bike developed to give adventure ski tourists a more efficient mountain approach in...
2019 Norco Bigfoot VLT alloy e-fat bike

Norco Bigfoot VLT pedals deeper into the snow on a STePS e-fatbike

Winter riding in the snow might not be the first place you expect to see an e-bike, but Norco wants to change that with...
Uber Jump announces self driving bike

Uber Jump plans Tesla-level autonomous tech with self-driving, self-charging bikes

Uber is already in the bike-share business, with its Uber Jump program. The current e-bikes are first collected & distributed by contractors who then...
Box Two-E 9S drivetrain, complete group

Fewer speeds go the distance? Box Two-E drivetrain returns to 9-speed for e-bikes

E-MTBs can rack up a lot of extra mileage often with more stress on components. It's not surprisingly component makers are now looking to...
BigRep The Airless Tire prototype 3D printed NowLab bike tire

BigRep 3D prints newest polymer into airless tire prototypes for bikes & more

German 3D printer specialists BigRep have used their newest flexible Pro Flex polymer filaments to create The Airless Tire, a 3D printed honeycomb tire that snaps...
Panasonic e-bikes for Van Dessel & Univega

Panasonic powering Van Dessel & Univega US-produced e-bikes, even an e-Harley

E-bikes, am I right? The Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas is this week, so we aren't too surprised to have our inbox inundated with...
photo by Colin Meagher

Friday Roundup: AZ Trails open to e-bikes, deals & more!

Arizona legislation opens state trails to e-bikes - As of the first of January, new state legislation ARS 28-819 has officially defined the classification...



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