interview with Dear Susan custom bicycle builder Petor Georgallou

NAHBS Interview: Petor Georgallou of Dear Susan comes out to play

Brace yourself for Petor Georgallou! The UK builder making his North American Handmade Bicycle Show debut this week is sure to be a breath of...

Review: Big is the perfect descriptor for Why Cycles’ Big Iron Fat Bike

By now, you've probably seen the news that Adam Miller has started another bike company with his friends, Revel Bikes. But while the Revel...

Pop it & Lock it with the new MSW one-size-fits-all rear wheel stand, more

You may have noticed that bicycles come in an amazing range of tire sizes these days. That means whether you're a shop, or just...
OKO Magic Milk Hi-Fibre sealant high-pressure road, low-pressure DH CX MTB race spec tubeless tire tyre sealant

OKO Magic Milk tubeless sealant eliminates flats, now in High Fibre race formula

OKO has expanded their bike tubeless sealant line with a new Magic Milk Hi-Fibre Race sealant, developed to excel at both super low (think...
2019 Norco Bigfoot VLT alloy e-fat bike

Norco Bigfoot VLT pedals deeper into the snow on a STePS e-fatbike

Winter riding in the snow might not be the first place you expect to see an e-bike, but Norco wants to change that with...

Friday Roundup: Marginal Gains, gravel & fat bike racing, Nuun reboot & more!

Silca 'Marginal Gains' to maximize efficiency of your podcast listening - The new Marginal Gains podcast from Silca & Rocket Espresso dives deep into those...

After the Stomp comes the Thump – the new composite flat pedal from iSSi

In 2018, iSSi put their spin on the flat pedal with the Stomp. A massive, concave, aluminum flat pedal with big pins and big...

Review: Manitou Mastodon Pro EXT could be the fat bike fork you’ve waited for

To this day, fat bikers still argue about front suspension. While one crowd argues that it's unnecessary, others (like myself) prefer the additional control...

Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Ontario winter fat biking at Crystal Creek Falls

Just north of where Great Lakes Huron, Michigan & Superior meet, reader Dan Rahrer sent in this snapshot of proper winter snow & ice...



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