Get Your Kid Some Sick Kick Bikes From Muna and Yuba (UPDATED)

As cycling innovations go, the kick/scoot/balance bike will probably have the biggest impact when it comes to getting more people to ride. Embraced in...

Ridley Adds 26″ Youth Road, Cyclocross Race Bikes…for Europe

So, maybe our domestic 'cross scene hasn't quite Belgained the f&*k up enough yet, 'cause Ridley's keeping their 26" wheeled youth cyclocross bikes over...

KidFit Activity Tracker Wants to End Childhood Obesity

With activity trackers and health apps all the range, it was only a matter of time before the technology was bundled in a kid...

Five Inches of Travel For Junior? Canfield’s Prototype KDH Bike Makes It Happen

There are kids' bikes and then there are kids' bikes. Canfield Brothers' latest creation would certainly qualify for that second category with an impressive...

Kickstarter: The Jyrobike, An Auto Balance Bike For Kids

By harnessing the physics behind what makes a gyroscope work, the creators of the Jyrobike have built a bicycle that remains upright and stable,...

Review: Culprit Junior Two – Premium 650C Youth Road Bike

Culprit's Junior series road bikes come in two sizes, a 20" wheeled version and the 650C version tested by my son, Harrison. From the...

Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

Snapguide, an online how-to community, is launching a bike-hack contest next week in honor of Bike To Work Month. Upload your how-to guide on...

MiniBrake Lets Parents Remotely Hit The Brakes On Kids Bikes

For parents whos children are still unsteady on two wheels, a new Hungarian company is trying to make those first few years a little...

SOC14: Well Engineered Bikes for Children From Cleary

In recent years the options for kids bicycles have been getting better and better. Little Shredder and Commencal now have the little groms covered, and Farrier now...



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