sram dub universal mountain bike crankset fits any bottom bracket standard

New SRAM DUB mountain bike cranksets are lighter, more durable than ever

The all-new SRAM DUB crankset and bottom bracket collection introduces the final piece of their "systems engineering" puzzle, giving them a completely optimized drivetrain....

Eurobike Trends – What new Tire Tech is coming in 2018?

Walking around the show, it’s easy to spot obvious trends. But we talked to product managers, brand ambassadors, and the marketing folks at hundreds...

Suspension Setup Series #1 – Set Your Sag Properly

At virtually every mountain bike and suspension launch we attend, we're told to simply sit on the bike while someone slides the "fun-o-meter" ring...

Rotor 1×13 ratchets up drivetrain wars w/ 13-speed hydraulic road/gravel/MTB group

Rotor takes their hydraulic shifting solution one step further with a new single ring, 13-speed groupset. Simply called 1x13, the all-new derailleur & cassette...

2017’s Top 10: The most popular stories on Bikerumor for the year

For some, 2018 can't come soon enough. But before we break out the bubbly and pucker up at midnight, here's a quick look back...

Wippermann 11 speed wear test finds Connex 11SX chain lasts longest

One of the best ways to quickly ruin expensive drivetrain parts is to keep pedaling with a worn chain. Most manufacturers agree that once...
what is the difference between high speed and low speed compression damping

Suspension Tech: How does high speed compression damping differ from low speed?

In modern mountain bike suspension, compression damping is how you control the rate at which your shock compresses under force (an impact, you pressing...
2017 Cannondale Bad Habit 275plus mountain bike review

Long Term Review: Cannondale Bad Habit Carbon 2 mountain bike

The Cannondale Bad Habit Carbon 2 combines floaty 27.5+ wheels with 120mm full suspension, resulting in a very fun and forgiving trail bike.  This...
cane creek eeWings titanium crankset for road gravel and mountain bikes use full titanium construction

Cane Creek eeWings bring sweet 400g titanium crankset to mountain bikes

Riders from the mid-1990s will recall Sweetwings, a boutique hollow steel crankset that came with equal parts light weight, chi chi looks and reliability...



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