Coolest. Road Team. Ever.

When you're sponsored by a brand like Rock & Republic, it's hard not to have cool team kit.  But this is some sick jersey...

2012 Olympic Velodrome / BMX plans announced

London's Olympic organizers have presented plans for a 6,000 seat facility that will house the velodrome and BMX track for the 2012 Olympics.  It's...

Wanna own part of a UCI Pro Team?

For only £1,000 you can be a "team member" and have part ownership in the Rapha Condor pro cycling team.  Want to write it...

Carolina Velodrome Gets Initial Approval

The Carolina Velodrome Association is one step closer to opening a new velodrome in Rock Hill, SC.  The City Council approved the Memorandum of...

Fastboy Fenders, Free Bike With Purchase

We did a recent post on Fixie Inc's sweet new rides, which featured a wood handlebar...which made us wonder, who makes that?  Answer: Fastboy,...

Genesis 2009 Bikes

No, not that genesis, but Genesis Bikes from across the pond have debuted their '09 lineup, including their new Croix de Fer (Iron Cross)...

Felt Extends Garmin-Chipotle Ride Thru 2011

Felt will remain the official ride of the G-C team through 2011.  Team riders will race on the F1, Z1, AR (Team issue model...

2009 Bianchi Road Bicycles

Bianchi's road lineup comes in a decent variety of colors...including their trademark green, plus red, black/white and gray, or nude for their Ti frame....

2009 Bianchi Frames revealed

Bianchi has released their 2009 range photos, and we've sorted through them and will be posting the highlights for you.  This post is frames...



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