Chamois Butt’r Churned Out for Women

Not all chamois creams are alike, and now there’s one made specifically for women. Paceline Products has introduced Her’ Chamois Butt’r with a little...

EB13: Santa Cruz Gets Cocky, Follows Bantam with Juliana Juno 650B Mountain Bike

Santa Cruz continues their relentless product launch pace with the new Bantam 650b mountain bike, and the recently announced Juliana women's mountain bike brand...

Friday Shredits: Get Amped For Your Weekend

[youtube] We haven't done a Friday Shredits feature in a few weeks but this video of Eric Johnson got me pumped. His good natured...

Zoic Adds New Shorts, Dresses, Colorways and more as Part of Their “Style Revival”

Zoic is continuing its commitment to simple, casually designed bike clothing in 2014 with additions and updates to its already extensive line. Namely, they're...

Giant Launches Extensive Line of 27.5″ Mountain Bikes for both Men and Women

[youtube] Watching the video above, you get the idea that for Giant 27.5 isn't just another wheel size. In fact, at least according to...



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