ultraromance custom sklar bike for riding connecticut backroads from nahbs 2018

NAHBS 2018: UltraRomance loves his new 666mm wide drop bars & Sklar Nutmegger bike

The man known as UltraRomance has a few things going on. Probably half of his paycheck comes from Specialized, which is where we first...
Fifty One Cycles new carbon disc brake road bike available in full custom geometries using Kevin Quan designed rear end

NAHBS 2018: Lightweight new disc brake road bikes from Crumpton & Fifty One

Fifty One liked their original road bike, so they wanted to mimic the design of it, but take advantage of the opportunities disc brakes...
T-Lab titanium gravel bike from NAHBS 2018

NAHBS 2018: Unique road, gravel & mountain bikes from T-Lab & TºRed

It seems the offspring of Canada's now gone Guru Cycles keep popping up. First, HIA Velo purchased all of the carbon fiber manufacturing equipment...
Renovo Glenmorangie wooden bike whisky scotch

The new Glenmorangie Original; a wooden bike built from whisky barrels!

Based out of Portland, OR, wooden bike builder Renovo was recently tasked with a slightly different project; building a bike from barrel staves. But...
unior pro tool kit includes every tool you need for bike mechanics

NAHBS 2018: Random goods from Industry Nine, Unior, Defeet & LH Thomson

Unior has been a mega-popular bike tool brand in Europe, and they're just beginning their push into the U.S. with a rebranded (as in,...
NAHBS 2018, Aidan Duff, FiftyOne Bikes, Conor McGregor

Road to NAHBS 2018: Aidan Duff builds a FiftyOne bike for Conor McGregor

Aidan Duff and the passionate team at FiftyOne Bikes have a singular goal in their hearts: to build you a bike so epic that...

Mavic expands on a classic with new wider tubeless Open Pro rim

There are few rims with the history of the Mavic Open Pro. Since 1986, the eyeletted, aluminum rim has been a favorite of wheel...

NAHBS 2018: Gravel & Ti from Breismeister, Built x Kent Eriksen, and Co-Motion

Taking home the award for Best Gravel Bike, Breismeister Bicycles showed off their ability to manipulate steel into a beautiful bike. The brand offers...
Eyewater Bicycles, Corey Lowe, NAHBS 2018

Road to NAHBS 2018: 10 Q’s with Corey Lowe of Eyewater Bicycles

Another one to watch on New Builder Row at NAHBS this year is Corey Lowe. This new builder has come from an interesting career...



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