HIPCI Automatic Gearshift System, fully self-contained automated 1x mountain bike smart derailleur auto shifting drivetrain

Automatic Gearshift System smart derailleur delivers auto 1x shifts

The Automatic Gearshift System from Taiwanese engineering firm HIPCI takes electronic shifting 1x mountain bike setups to the next level, entirely eliminating the need for...
All-Wings Falcon flexible noseless endurance saddle

All-Wings Falcon saddle flies wild noseless design to the next level

With April Fools firmly behind us, we can get back to the unconventional but totally real gadgets we turned over in Taipei. As far...
Rondo Ruut Ti adjustable geometry titanium gravel bike

Taipei Sneak Peek: Rondo Ruut Ti adjustable geo, titanium gravel bike

This one was a bit of a surprise, wandering the halls of the Taipei Cycle show hunting esoterica, I stumbled on this complete built-up Rondo...

ControlTech makes waves in Sirocco aero wheels, unique aero handlebars & more!

With no shortage of aero road wheels on the market, ControlTech has a unique take on mid-depth profiles. Their new carbon tubeless Sirocco wheels...
SunRace 12speed budget mountain bike 1x-specific horizontal parallelogram derailleur prototype

SunRace 12 speed prototype derailleur aims at XTR & XX, plus 11-51T cassette

Just last November in Tapiei, SunRace showed us new 12-speed SRAM replacement derailleurs and cassettes. But apparently that was only the beginning, as they...
Alligator Disc Covers, prototype cooling rotor protectors, road bike disc brake rotor protective covers with integrated anti-overheating cooling

Taipei: Alligator prototype rotor covers prevent disc brake pads from overheating

It wasn't long ago that paranoid pros were looking for a way to cover their rotors to stay safe. While the hysteria has mostly...
Chiru endurance titanium bikes

Chiru Kunlun brings adventure to road, Kegeti when roads get rough, fiber spoke wheels

The latest two titanium bikes from Chiru take comfort off the beaten road & trail with all-day comfort & durability that any dropbar riser...

Aerozine offers adjustable crank arm length, modular spindles & ti chainrings

Aerozine is a Taiwanese brand that makes a wide variety of cranksets, chainrings and now bottom brackets, and they have some interesting designs for...
SunUp Eco shows how to add a dynamo to any front hub to create power while you ride your bike

SunUp Eco Spins Up the power by adding a dynamo to almost any front...

SunUp Eco has an easier way to let you generate power on your bike without having to replace your front hub. Their new Spin...



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