FSA tells whats the difference between handbuilt and machine built road bike and mountain bike wheels

What’s the difference between handbuilt & machine built bicycle wheels?

Ever wonder what makes handbuilt bicycle wheels so special? Or what the alternative is? Are they worth the premium that some marketing implies? We...

Factory Tour: How Northwave makes their high end cycling shoes in Italy

Northwave has long been known for their high end road bike shoes, which have found a home on some Bikerumor editors' feet for the...

Hands on: Industry Nine A35 stem turns with precision from CNC machining

The latest piece of performance bicycle jewelry from Industry Nine has nothing to do with your wheels. Instead, I9 is living up to the...

Factory / HQ Tour: Endura’s custom sublimated clothing is made in Scotland

Ever wonder how those full custom kits are made? Or maybe what digital sublimation printing means? That's all in a day's work at Endura's...

Swarf Cycles Tour: Scottish steel suspension straight from the Tweed Valley

The bicycle is a pure, noble invention, which is probably why it attracts so many people who have prior experience in other industries. Take...

Factory Tour: Shaping Shand (and Trillion) Cycles in Scotland

Tucked into a small corner of Scotland, Shand Cycles is alive and well. Originally a solo custom frame building operation started by Steven Shand...
Bikerumor Shimano Factory Tour provides an inside look at how Shimano cranks brakes and cassettes are made at their Sakai City Osaka Japan headquarters

Shimano Factory Tour – This is why they’re masters of the metal

Shimano's factory is a closely guarded fortress of modernity and manufacturing. Walk inside and you're greeted with an amazingly spacious, clean lobby with cutaways...
specialized headquarters factory tour - custom employee and concept bikes and paint jobs

Specialized HQ Tour: Inside their all-new Innovation Center R&D test lab & machine shop!

From the outside, the Specialized headquarters building in Morgan Hill, CA, looks much the way it did when we visited last summer and toured...

Factory Tour: Paired spokes or not, Rolf Prima is still going strong

It's been just about 23 years since paired spoke technology was first licensed by prolific inventor Rolf Dietrich. Since then, an incredible amount of...



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