76Projects Vloggers thingy prototype toptube mounted gopro holder

Spotted: 76Projects Vlogger’s Thingy prototype toptube-accessible GoPro holder

Who isn't a vlogger these days? OK, I might be exaggerating a bit, but there's no denying it has become a very popular past...
jones plus lwb hde motorbike bafang mid drive motor

Jones Motorbikes Plus frameset lets you DIY build your own e-bike

Want to build your own e-bike? Jeff Jones, maker of fully rigid off-road bicycles and components, just launched the perfect frameset for you to...
Farr out-front GPS Mount for Carbon Aero Bolt-On aero bar

Farr’s custom GPS Mount gets your computer out-front of their Carbon Aero Bolt-On aero...

Farr's new GPS Mount solves a simple but confounding issue for endurance riders who otherwise love their curious little Carbon Aero Bolt-On aerobar extension....
POC Omne Eternal solar-powered helmet with integrated lighting, night mode

POC Omne Eternal solar-powered helmet powers built-in lighting for endless visibility

The new POC Omne Eternal is set to be the world's first solar-powered cycling helmet, integrating its own self-powered rear lighting. Charging its internal...
MagneticDays Forza Pura training cranksest, separate spinning crank arms refine pedal stroke and pedal smoothness, out of sync

Spotted: MagneticDays Forza Pura cranks train you to pedal with each leg independently

These wild, Italian-made alloy MagneticDays Forza Pura cranks spin everything you know about pedaling a bike on its head. Developed to force cyclists to...
Polar Verity Sense optical heart rate monitor strap alternative update

Polar Verity Sense optical heart rate monitor sensor provides alternative to chest straps

Polar's new optical Verity Sense heart rate sensor could be a better option for athletes who struggle with fit or consistent data from conventional...
Mondraker MIND integrated telemetry tracking system suspension setup and analysis

Mondraker MIND integrated telemetry tool perfects easy & intuitive suspension setup – Updated

An end to setting up shocks by feel, Mondraker's all-new MIND integrated telemetry system replaces ideal suspension setup guesswork with real data-driven performance analysis...
Comodule Connected Drive system

Brose joins COMODULE’s Connected Drive e-bike fleet management system

E-bike motor maker Brose has recently joined efforts with COMODULE allowing their motors to host ‘Connected Drive’, a modular, plug and play system for...
full suspension bmx deathpack conversion service uk

DeathPack BMX will convert your ride to a full suspension BMX for £400

DeathPack BMX, custom BMX frame fabricators based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, are offering a conversion service to transform pretty much any BMX frame (OK, maybe not...



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