CamOne Infinity HD Micro Camera – Removable Lenses, LCD Screen Built-in

GoPro cameras are a big deal in cycling and have captured some awesome footage. Now, there's a stark competitor to GoPro - the CamOne...
Hiplok Bike Lock Waist

Review: Hiplok – a Wearable Bike Lock

Hiplok was released in America a while back and we snagged one for review. It's been a great lock and, in addition, gave us...

Sony Previews Prototype POV Action Camera

Everyone loves recording their adventures (and occasional misadventures) via small, portable, and resilient POV cameras. Companies like GoPro, Contour, and Optrix HD have products and mounts for...
Cardo BK 1 Duo Single Bluetooth Bicycle Communication

Cardo BK-1 Headset: Walkie-Talkie Linkage, Bluetooth Connectivity

Specializing in walkie-talkie gadgets for motorcycles and snowmobiles, Cardo Systems recently unveiled a rig specifically for cycling - the BK-1. It's a radio headset...
Flying Bike F Bike Main Drive

FBike Flying Bicycle Concept: Will Cycling Be Jetson-ified?

  Moller's Skycar legacy may have turned out a failure and waste of invested money. But success may have been closer than was thought -...
Spybike GPS Tracker Stem Steertube

Spybike Bicycle GPS Tracker – Vengeance Hidden in the Steer Tube

Smartphones and bikes are being integrated constantly. With this device, everything is made seamless. Spybike is a GPS tracker that hides in the steer...
2013 Light and Motion Seca 800 and 1700 performance mountain bike lights

Light & Motion Debuts Brighter Commuter and Trail Lights – Bonus Factory Tour!

Light & Motion has always had some of the most compact shapes per lumen output, and they continue to improve both brightness and size. A...
Ion Air Pro HD wifi sports video camera

Ion Air Pro Sports Video Cam Captures Your Rides in HD, Uploads Instantly

The Ion Air Pro Wifi captures all your sick shredding in high def video, then lets you upload it live by linking it to...
In Cog Multi Tool Handlebars

InCOG Biketool Snakes Inside Handlebars, Hides Complete Multitool! Updated!

The InCOG Biketool is a new product by industrial designer Joshua Brassé, not in production yet but available for pre-order. Built to suit bars...



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