Xceon bicycle handlebar mount speakers and lights powered by battery and USB

Found: Xceon USB Bicycle Lights & Speakers

Xceon's collection of miniature powered speakers and lights let you see and be heard on your commute. Front and center is the Acouztic XAC-1000. It's...

Is Laser Spoke (Potentially) the Next Big Thing in Power Meters?

Ok, power lovers, imagine this: what if there was a power meter that was accurate, light weight, fit any of your wheels, you were...
Hammacher Rearview Camera Main

Hammacher Schlemmer’s Rearview Camera – Minivan Tech Now Available For Bikes

Hammacher Schlemmer is out with a rearview camera to compete with Cerevellum's Hindsight. Though it may be the epitome of visual bulk, Hammacher's Bicycle...
AIRbudz Earbuds

Kickstarter Project: AIRBudz Earbud Attachment Includes the Ambience For Safer Cycling

AIRBudz are an attachment for earbud headphones to make it safer cycling with jams. The design creates space between the ear canal and earbud...
Hornster Bike

The Hornster – A Booming Bicycle To Frighten the Populous

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTQSWtK65PE?rel=0] The Hornster is loud, really loud, its horn maxing out at 178 decibels. That's roughly equivalent to a transport truck horn. Lodged between...

SleekSpeak: Bumpin’ Bluetooth Bike Speakers

Posed as a solution for the dangers of ear-buds, SleekSpeak is a little cubic speaker that can be attached virtually anywhere on a bike...

SOC12: Optrix HD POV iPhone Case Revamped

When I took a first look at the first generation Optrix HD last month, I was stoked on the low cost alternative to the...
BioLogic Bike Mount Android Main

BioLogic Mount For Android Phones: Cycling Computers Can’t Call a Taxi

Smartphone apps have brought much to cycling, allowing users to map rides and share stats. Though when tracking routes, I generally jam my smartphone...
LapelEau Hydration Pack Tube Reel

Water Hose and Hydration Pack Finally United With LapelEau – Duh!

For $12, a solution has been provided for that dangly hose - LapelEau. A retractable reel keeps the hydration backpack's water hose in place...



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