Quick Fix: True A Bicycle Wheel Without Tools & Get Back Home

I carry a mini tool on virtually every ride, so it was with some surprise that I ended up stuck on the side of...

Quick Fix: Easily Pull Hydraulic Brake Hoses Through Internally Routed Frames

With hydraulic brakes poised to explode on the road bike scene, both as OEM and aftermarket, the number of bicycles with internally routed designs...

Suspension Setup Series #1 – Set Your Sag Properly

At virtually every mountain bike and suspension launch we attend, we're told to simply sit on the bike while someone slides the "fun-o-meter" ring...

Fox Factory Tour Part 1: Headquarters & Machine Shop

Glancing at the modern carbon wonder bike, there are few if any parts that are still made here in the United States. Among those...

Fox Factory Tour Part 2: The Assembly Line

After components are produced at Fox's California based machine shop, the parts are sent out for anodization (either locally or to Japan), then shipped to...

Suspension Setup Series #2 – Run It Wide Open…Mostly.

For as long as there've been multi-mode rear shocks with some manner of pedal platform, I've been trying to set up my shock for optimum...

Suspension Setup Series #3: Set Compression & Rebound to Maximize Traction

In Part One, we discussed sag, which puts your suspension in the right position, setting the stage for good performance. In Part Two, we...

Suspension Setup Series #4: Fix Your Ride by Adjusting Air Volume

In Part One, we discussed the most basic of starting points to get your suspension set up properly: Sag. In Part Two, we covered...

Suspension Setup Series #5: Is Your Suspension Humming the Right Tune?

Like a song stuck in your head, the internal damping tune of your suspension is what makes it sing. So far, we've covered everything...



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