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Niner Bikes headquarters tour

Niner Bikes sells to private investor group to fuel growth, keeps team intact

Niner Bikes has sold their company to a group of private, Colorado-based investors who will infuse the company with cash to build R&D capabilities...
Specialized Venge Pope Francis

Closeup: Pope Francis’ custom Specialized Venge road bike is one helluva holy roller

Late last month we saw Pope Francis receiving a custom Specialized Venge from Peter Sagan fit for...well, a Pope. We're now getting a closer look...
oblong off-center chainring patent to make climbing easier

Found: Offset, oblong chainring patent aims to help you spin up the climbs

Want to climb better? Interested in oval rings? Maybe there's another option. Inventor Doug Brown has spent two-plus years examining drivetrains and pedaling efficiency,...
aqua blue 3T Strada 1x road bike for the pro peloton

Aqua Blue will race this 3T Strada 1×11 aero road bike in the pro...

In 2018, Aqua Blue will become the first modern pro team to race a 1x drivetrain in the pro peloton. They'll be aboard the...
shimano scylence freehub ring drive ratchet design delivers silent drag free performance - prototype patent drawings

Shimano patent shows silent ring drive hub internals that could be the next Dura-Ace

Thanks to rumor and hearsay from a Bikerumor fan and our own digging, we hear Shimano's working on all-new hub designs. one that could...
2019 Look 795 Blade Disc aero road bike

EB18: Road Bike Trends – More and better aerodynamic integration

It's not only about making bikes more aero any more. Now, it's also about making those aerodynamic features and integrations easier to use for...
2019 mountain bikes get more adjustable geometry to fit different tire and wheel sizes and let you tune the bike to your local trails and riding style

EB18: Mountain Bike Trends – Adjustable geometry & suspension; Aggressive XC

For many riders, the modern 120mm trail bike is a great blend of XC efficiency, speed and aggressive capability. Which is why many XC...

Jim Felt departs Felt Bicycles, headquarters moves to new California location

After 25 years of having his name on the bikes and the building, Jim Felt is stepping away from Felt Bikes. While Jim will...
this is what do air volume spacers do for mountain bike suspension forks

Suspension Tech: How does air volume affect your suspension fork’s ride quality?

Lately, we've seen a lot more attention paid to the size of a fork or shock's air chamber, so it's time to dive a...



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