ITU Announces New World Championship Series

The International Triathlon Union (ITU) announced yesterday that they'll be launching a new World Championship Series for 2009, with monthly events from March through...

Carbon Hack – Hack Carbon

Effetto Mariposa has released their CarboCut hacksaw specifically for cutting carbon fiber parts.  Rather than the "ripping" action by typical toothed hacksaw blades, EM's...

We The People drops new BMX fork/axle design

We The People has been working on an integrated fork/front hub system designed solely for use with a female-axle hub. The fork features an investment cast...

Circles in Motion Bicycle Show Pics

If you're passing through Grand Haven, MI, stop by the Train Depot Museum for the "Circles in Motion: The American Bicycle 1860-2008" exhibit, running through...

Noseless Saddles improve sensation, vocabulary

Alright, we're reverting to 3rd grade a little here, but a study of 90 bicycle police officers in five metros proved that noseless saddles...

Muscles Worked When Cycling

Or, "What to Train in the Winter Months": Click the pic to enlarge. Found this here, with no not sure where it comes...

Olympic BMX starts today

Men's and Women's BMX seeding started today, and you can watch online coverage here. Click the image on left to see full-size diagram of the...

Nike Ill-Mobile hits Dew Tour

Nike has repurposed an old-school amphibious truck to promote its 6.0 skate shoes...but since it has some BMX stuff, we'll post it.  It's got...

A bicycle built for two…

Not much needs to be said...just watch.   If you want to see more pics, check out the Loqu blog.



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