FOX RAD prototype gravel fork, reverse arch 30mm short-travel gravel bike suspension, courtesy Geoff Kabush Moab, UT

FOX gets RAD on prototype reverse arch, short-travel gravel bike suspension fork!

Canadian mountain biker Geoff Kabush just shared the prototype reverse arch FOX RAD short-travel gravel suspension fork he's been testing around Moab, UT. It...
Santa Cruz XC Superlight Super Blur prototype carbon XC race mountain bike, Santa Cruz FSA pro team racing, photo by Enrico Andrini, Great Seiwald

Spotted: Santa Cruz FSA team racing carbon XC prototype, the Superlight is back!

Santa Cruz hasn't had a Superlight XC bike in the lineup for years, but that's exactly what this prototype looks like. Getting raced now...

Colnago peddles the blockchain with Special Edition C64 NFT 1-of-1 digital bike

Zwift. Bitcoin. Dogecoin. Is anything real any more? We live in a confusing time where digital assets are becoming interchangeable with physical cash, which...
sram patent drawing for brake levers with electronic shifting but no buttons

Patent Patrol: SRAM eTap concept removes shift paddles, changes gears with brake levers

The possibilities that electronic shifting opens up are nearly limitless. As long as a button can be pressed somewhere, a signal can be sent...
2021 Merida all-road e-bikes, affordable alloy all-road eBikemotion X35 e-bike, eSpeeder urban commuter

Patent Patrol: a cheeky pivoting saddle; a bike that does the work for you

Bicycles have enjoyed a renewed spotlight during Covid as mobility darlings. It should come as no surprise then that inventors are focusing closely on...
ceramicspeed driven drivetrain SeedInvest opportunity

CeramicSpeed wants you to invest in their wild Driven drivetrain concept

Remember that wild CeramicSpeed Driven drivetrain concept from Eurobike over the past few years? The one with a driveshaft rather than a chain? And...
Carbon Air inserts

Carbon Air improves air fork suspension using coconuts and sawdust

Carbon Air is a nifty little bit that lives inside your fork's air chamber. Or at least it will, once it's released to consumers...
2022 fox 34 fork updated stiffer arch more headtube clearance

Patent Patrol: Shimano electronic suspension control automatically adjusts stroke

Today's Patent Patrol once again takes a close look at a Shimano invention. Shimano files more patents than perhaps any other company in the...
Pirelli Scorpion Gravity Racing prototype EWS, DH-ready mountain bike tires, photos by Julien Pradas

Pirelli Scorpion Gravity teases EWS & DH race tires developed with MTB legend Fabien...

Working with downhill MTB legend Fabien Barel, Pirelli is set to release their next level of DH & EWS race-ready Scorpion Gravity Racing mountain...



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