This is how you ride in a city with toxic air

[youtube] Pollution is the invisible menace cyclists never stop to thing about. Every time we commute home in rush hour traffic or pedal through...

SportCrafters Shows off Compact new Raceday Warm Up Trainer

Not too long ago, SportCrafters introduced their new progressive resistance rollers that allowed you to get a trainer-like resistance work out with the balance work...

Pedal in your sneakers with Egg Beater Transforming Pub Pedals

While convenient, many riders do not have the luxury of having multiple bikes, whether for lack of storage, funds, or desire. That means that...

Prototype Antidote Bikes 4X Composite Frame Revealed

While 4X racing has fallen out of favor on the world cup stages, the races are still incredibly fun, and riding a purpose built...

Spotted: New Prototype 34mm 831 Fox Fork

For years dirt jumpers and 4x riders had been wanting a dedicated fork from Fox. Something stiff and beefy and light. A few years...

More Details Rolling in on Tiso 12 Speed Wireless Drivetrain

It wasn't all that long ago that after hinting at a 12 speed electronic drive train that was wireless (!), that it was confirmed...

The InterLock – Integrated Seatpost Bicycle Lock

Locks are heavy, bulky, and a pain to carry around. That's why I always carry my bikes inside. For those who aren't as paranoid,...

Found: Z-torque Bicycle Cranks

Speed holes, questionable reasoning, square tapered cranks, and dash of crowdfunding. I think that's everything you need to know. These cranks, dubbed the Z-Torque, are...

Leikr: The Next Generation of GPS Training Watches?

[kickstarter url= width=600] While the Danish designed Leikr GPS watch is still in the Kickstarter phase, other GPS watch makers should take notice. In place...



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