New Prototype Morpheus Carbon Downhill Bike

Morpheus bikes is hopping on the carbon DH bike trend. Pictured above is a very close to production frame which will be released towards...

Porsche 911 Inspired Bike Concept by Designer Bastiaan Kok

Here's a concept that looks interesting - a Porsche 911 bicycle by Dutch industrial designer Bastiaan Kok. It's very motorcyclish for a bicycle. But...
Flying Bike F Bike Main Drive

FBike Flying Bicycle Concept: Will Cycling Be Jetson-ified?

  Moller's Skycar legacy may have turned out a failure and waste of invested money. But success may have been closer than was thought -...

Spotted: Soma Pick Up Artist Prototype

The Soma Pick Up Artist is modeled after Dutch Cargo Bikes. The bike utilizes a steering linkage in order to remain stable while under...

Prototype Fox 40 Photos Surface! Updated

These images of a "prototype" Fox 40 were posted via twitter by GT head mechanic Pete Michalisyzn. The fork lowers were labeled "slugger" which indicated...
norco prototype one-off dual slalom mountain bike for jill kintner

Norco Creates One-Off Custom Slalom Mountain Bike for Jill Kintner

It's no secret pros get custom bike set up and prototypes to race, but a lot of times, they're racing bikes being tested for...

This isn’t a joke – The Contes Athos Quad BMX Bike

[youtube] Do you know what all the un-coordinated kids have been dreaming about as they longingly gaze at their friends hooning their clapped out...

Intense Tracer and Carbine 27.5 Prototypes

Intense Bikes, owned and run by be Jeff Steber,  manufacturers all of its aluminum frames and components (such as dropouts, thru-axles, and linkages) in...

Prototype Sun-Ringle Carbon Tubular Mountain Bike Wheels Spotted!

If you caught the Pic of the Day today and made it through the comments, you might have noticed something in the comments about...



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