power2max NGeco crankset budget power meter

EB17: Power2max brings full featured, dual leg powermeter under $500 for road & MTB

If the price of power meters has been a deterrent, you're running out of excuses. The new Power2max NGeco spider-based power meters offer dual...

RedShark bikes go training or bikepacking by sea as trimaran, pedal-powered boat

So first off, yes. This thing real. The new Spanish RedShark trimaran bike is designed to give cyclists a pedal-powered workout, a familiar fit...

Cannondale Quick flat bar road hybrid gets leaner & faster

While most traditional hybrids blend the durability and upright ride of mountain bikes with the smooth, narrower tires of a road bike, there tends to...
RipRow strength trainer for mountain bikers BMX riders and motocross athletes

RipRow “exercise bike” gets you shredded, and ready to shred

There's no doubt sport-specific strength training can up your game, and cyclists are notorious for neglecting the weights. The RipRow aims to fix that...
NordicTrack Fusion CST home gym review and tech details

Review: NordicTrack Fusion CST wins w/ power-based strength training for cyclists

Among serious cyclists, power is the key metric by which we measure our performance and gains. It's easily quantifiable, easy to measure (with power...

Ride Food How-To: Homemade beef jerky on the Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill

In my eyes, cyclists come in two forms. Those who eat to ride, or who ride to eat. I find myself solidly in that...

IQ² power meter promises affordable, universal single or dual sided use

Even with all the options out there for power meters, there's still room for improvement. For upstart iQ², that means an opening for them...
Cycleops Magnetless Speed and Cadence sensor straps to your hub or crank arm to measure cycling performance

EB17: PowerTap powermeter pedals price drop; Cyclops straps sensors to your hubs, cranks

The new Cycleops Magnetless Speed & Cadence Sensor lets you quickly and easily add either measurement to any bike. And it moves from bike...

What’s new in Zwift: Apple TV, Group Workouts, Mayan Jungle adventures, and more

For many of us, it's getting to that part of year where it takes more time to find and put on enough gear to...



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