RunKeeper iPhone App Tracks Rides, Runs

RunKeeper has an iPhone app for 3G versions (with GPS) that tracks your runs, rides, whatever, via GPS. It allows you to upload your distances...

“Going Long” Training Book for Ironman Triathlons

Joe Friel's been busy lately, we just got the release for this and his updated Cyclist's Training Bible in the same week. You...

Cyclists Training Bible gets Updated Edition

Internationally recognized cycling coach Joe Friel has updated The Cyclist's Training Bible, the bestselling and most comprehensive training book for serious cyclists. New in this... Hosting Free Yoga Class in Winston Salem

0 is hosting a free Yoga for Athletes class presented by Sage Rountree.  Rountree, PhD, is author of 'The Athlete's Guide to Yoga' and is... Review – The Bike Fit Kit

For the past few months we've been using The Bike Fitting Kit to check the fit on our bikes, both road and mountain. The $29.95...

Velopress releases Bicycling for Women

Women are different from men. From bike fit to nutrition to aging patterns, women ride differently. Most serious cycling books fail to address the...

Core Training for Big Boys

0 Never seen this one before, from Big Boy Triathlete.  I usually just stand between the cable pulls and grab one side facing perpendicular to...

Triathlete’s Training Bible New Edition Released

The most comprehensive reference for triathletes ever written has just been updated and improved. The Triathlete's Training Bible, just released in a completely revised...

Brim Brothers Developing New “Partless” Power Meter

Brim Brothers Ltd is developing a new power meter that promises to shake up the market. The new meter will avoid the limitations of existing power...



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