Strava mobile training app update, new map location data

Strava mobile updates help us train better inside, stay motivated & keep up with...

Strava has been trickling out several mobile app functional updates over the past month or so, helping to keep us all motivated and looking...
kate courtney doing squats

Video: Tour Kate Courtney’s “Fitness Fortress” backyard training center

Wonder how World Champion Kate Courtney stays in shape at home? Check out her "Fitness Fortress" in this video, complete with weights, balance training,...
Best Trainer Accessories Riding inside

Best Indoor Trainer Accessories – Everything (else) you need for better indoor cycling

If you're a die-hard trainer rider or a 5am Zwifter, you know how vital a pleasant training environment is to your performance. Lucky for...
bontrager foray mountain bike shoes shown floating in the air

New Bontrager Foray & Evoke MTB shoes join Cadence Spin shoes for varied terrain

Looking for one cycling shoe for all your offroad riding? The new Bontrager Foray aims to be the best shoe for gravel, cyclocross and...
Inside Ride E-Flex IBIS with rider

Inside Ride E-Flex adds 3 dimensions to your Wahoo trainer

Inside Ride, best known for its E-Motion Rollers  - an inventive design that allows the rider to hammer on the rollers without fear of...

Mini Reviews: Birzman crown puller, 45NRTH Wölvhammer boots, Trail Butter & Specialized shoe covers

Welcome to our regular roundup of small parts, gear & accessories reviews. These are the things we’ve tried and (mostly) liked, whose merits we...

OSMO Active Recovery blends proteins for more punch, adds Blueberry-Pom hydration flavor

Where most recovery drinks stick solely to whey protein, the new OSMO Active Recovery drink mixes in micellar casein. The difference? Whey tends to...

Review: KOM Indoor Trainer Rocker Plate RPV1 is a turnkey entry into better training

Indoor training has been forever changed. Smart trainers have made indoor riding far more engaging and have ushered in a whole new category of...
Polar Verity Sense optical heart rate monitor strap alternative update

Polar Verity Sense optical heart rate monitor sensor provides alternative to chest straps

Polar's new optical Verity Sense heart rate sensor could be a better option for athletes who struggle with fit or consistent data from conventional...



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