gravel riding low point of view showing bikes on north boundary greenway in knoxville

Where to Ride: Finding Gravel riding & other adventures in Knoxville, Tennessee

This trip to Knoxville was a bit spur of the moment. We were passing through anyway, with gravel bikes, so we thought why not...

BikeFlights builds a better bike box with super strong, reusable cardboard BBM & BBL

In the 11 years that BikeFlights has been shipping bicycles around the globe, they've moved a lot of bikes. The company claims to have served...

Ride with GPS launches Mobile & Web Compatible Heatmap for better route planning

Have you ever been in a new location wondering where the best roads and routes are? You know, the ones the locals ride? Heatmaps...
Slaughter Pen's Masterpiece trail is as visual as it is sensual

Where to Ride: Could Bentonville, Arkansas, be the Mountain Biking Capital of the World?

If you’re wondering why Bentonville, a mid-sized city in northwestern Arkansas, has been getting a lot of attention lately, it might have something to...
riding skeletor mountain bike trail at waid recreation park in virginia blue ridge

Where to Ride: Endless mountain biking in Virginia’s Blue Ridge starts in Roanoke

Sitting smack dab in the middle of the East Coast, just far enough into the Blue Ridge Mountains, Roanoke, Virginia centers a hub of...

Where to Ride: Get your Rocky Mountain biking high in Purgatory & Durango, Colorado

Like the hub of an adrenaline wheel, Durango, Colorado sits center to all that makes Southwest Colorado so great. It's wedged between the folds...

Lezyne GPS devices gain Komoot & Relive compatibility with latest firmware update

Plug in your GPS device and gain new features. Pretty cool, right? That's one of the advantages of modern electronics, where firmware updates can...

Where to Ride: Rancho Cacachilas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Just before the Covid-19 pandemic, I got the chance to visit Rancho Cacachilas, a new and expanding adventure ranch located in Mexico’s Baja peninsula....
can you take a bicycle on a cruise ship

Where to Ride: How to take your bicycle on a cruise ship

For years, I’ve wanted to bring a bike on a cruise. We’ve done a lot of cruises over the years, but at every port...



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